Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Once upon a time...

I was very sleepy. The end.

Haha the story of my life lately, people!! Why, you ask? Honestly I have no idea. Compared to what my schedule was like for the past two years, hanging out in Utah is c-a-k-e. For some reason I just can't get enough sleep, though. Maybe its because I fall asleep watching The Devil Wears Prada every night? And wake up at half hour intervals reciting the lines from memory? Haha jk I don't do that. Or do I..?'ll never know...

In other news: I believe in inspiration. I also believe that Heavenly Father sometimes lets us stumble around in the dark for a while before turning on a light somewhere. Last night my testimony of that was strengthened as I struggled to complete a song for today's studio time.

Back story: I've been having a hard time knocking out the last four tracks for this album - mostly because I only wrote six tracks initially and thought "meh, no big deal...I'll just magically come up with the other six tracks along the way! let's sign a contract! woo!" (not the brightest move, right?). Needless to say, I've been stressed out about finishing the remaining songs. This project means so much to me, I want each track to be special and meaningful and awesome - but Heavenly Father hasn't exactly been pouring angelic songs into my ears as I sleep at night.

After much struggle and prayer and pleading and concern and worry for days I found myself awake last night at 2am still unsure of what I was going to bring to the table for tracking today in the studio. (To help explain: going to the studio without solid ideas, melodies, lyrics, like going to class when you have a presentation due and having NOTHING to present [cue nightmare fuel]. Plus imagine you had to pay a bunch of money just to sit there and not present anything. Not fun/gives me panic attacks.) I finally just sat back, shut my eyes after my fifty millionth prayer and just...listened.

Guess what? I finished the song. And today when I tracked it? My producer & I both got choked up because of the spirit of it. I felt humbled and grateful and it reminded me that I'm not doing this for myself - I'm trying to be a mouthpiece for Him...which means taking more time to listen to Him. Life lessons.

Eight tracked. Four to go.

Thanks for your love & support :) Love you all.

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