Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life is Good

I feel bad that we didn't have more professional pictures taken during my baby's first year of life. Let's be real, girlfriend spent the majority of her time wailing her head off…so, professional pictures probably would have ended up a bust anyway…but that fact doesn't keep me from experiencing motherly guilt over it. Luckily for me, despite her cutting four teeth (all at once!!) and explosive (teething) diarrhea/fever the day of her one-year photo shoot, she turned on the charm when those lights & cameras came out. She's a performer! This shot is one of my very favorites.

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure:

Seriously, guys. This kid freaking kills me with how dang cute she can be.

Update on her health: she's still maxed out on omeprazole. We've tried to wean her three times - all three times were absolutely disastrous. She'll likely be on meds for the next several years…maybe even longer. She doesn't eat any dairy, either; her poor little system just can't handle it.

Instead of being frustrated and sad about her health issues, however, I choose to be thankful that we have access to the medicine she needs. I'm also super grateful for the wealth of knowledge available to me at any given time via the internet. What the heck did moms do before Google?! It's not only incredibly helpful in diagnosing weird baby symptoms (hi, I had never heard of GERD before I had Violet) - but it also provides a connection with a  whole community of other people who are going through/have gone through what we are. Connecting with those people - reading their stories, laughing and crying with them, supporting and receiving support - is priceless. We are truly blessed.

My sister sent me a link to a blog the other day that made me laugh and cringe at the same time. This woman's baby had similar issues as Vi. Dude. I wanted to take a nap after I read it. Haha. Want to partake? Here you go.

That's all for now!

I'm writing for a new CD/EP (not sure which length yet…) and the process is exhausting and amazing. Much different now that I don't have the time/energy that I did before having a baby. I'll post about it later this week.

Much love - Calee

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