Friday, October 7, 2011


Hi fancy friends -

I've had lots of people asking me questions lately (e.g.: what the heck is going on with your CD? weren't you supposed to be on BYUTV? why did you move to Rexburg...????) SO I thought writing on this little blog might be a nice way to get aaaall the info out!

Question 1: What the heck is going on with your CD?
Answer: I knew from the onset of this project that I wanted to land a distribution deal with Deseret Book. My awesome team of helpers and I underestimated how long the process would take, however :(. The album has been done for months, but it looks like it'll be another couple months before it is available for purchase. The latest and greatest news from Deseret is that they'll have an answer for me on October 19th. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether or not they'll carry my album - so any happy thoughts or prayers you can send my way over that would be GREATLY appreciated :). I'd l-0-v-e love to make another album, but I need $$ to do that...aka a distribution There ya go.

Question 2: Weren't you supposed to be on BYUTV?
Answer: Yes! I started filming with a fun group of talented singer/songwriters this summer for a program called StarBiz. The show started airing a couple weeks ago BUT the producers have run into some editing issues we're all waiting to see if/when the show continues to air. You can watch Episode 1 at I had so much fun filming and I'm REALLY bummed the schedule has been moved all around. Haha guess that's my life lately. I'll let you all know ASAP if anything new happens on this front.

Question 3: ...did you really move to Rexburg?
Answer: Holy moly, people, holy moly. First Idaho?! Have I completely lost my senses? What has happened to my innate desire for warmth and sunlight?! My aversion to all things cold and wet?! Woah...I guess I'm supposed to be answering questions, not asking a bunch more. Continuing:
I did move. Because I am insane. I am giving this answer because I can see snow out my window right now (well...I COULD see snow if I didn't have the blinds shut tight to try to block out the harsh reality of where I've chosen to spend this winter). ALSO: 30 degree weather makes my ears hurt when I walk outside. ALSO: It was 70 degrees here two days ago. Seriously. What the heck??
I may or may not be boycotting the snow by planning to not get out of bed for the next several days. Except to make myself hot chocolate. Obviously.

In other news: I am working at Sammy's. It makes me feel weirdly old hearing a 21 year old, fresh of the mission boy talking to his friends about how he's SO over dating and just wants to get married. Haha. Ooh dear...oh, ohhh dear.

In other OTHER news: have you tried a Robi's South of the Border from Sammy's?? I mean...have you?! Please try one. It is my new favorite and I just can't get over how yummy it is. Also cupshakes and seasoned fries. Also chocolate cherry shakes. Also I've gained ten pounds since moving here and I can't figure out why.

Ok. I'm off to brave the elements (really!) and walk a block to the bank. Honestly, a block! How cute is Rexburg sometimes?! Answer: snow is never cute.

I bought mittens yesterday.

Love you all! xoxo

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