Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Nike Free

Last semester I got lazy. REAL lazy. I was suuper sick a couple of times, playing with Amber before she banished herself back to the tundra (aka Rexburg), and generally lethargic. That means my workout regimen went right out the window. To remedy all that, I decided to purchase myself a new pair of running shoes! WOO motivation!

As I was looking around for something to replace my old Nike Structure(s) <--love Love LOVE these shoes, I came across the Nike Free. It doesn't look like your typical exercise shoe, and it definitely doesn't FEEL like it either! The shoe feels light, extremely flexible (the sole flexes completely open! and it's fabric - so my fat little foot doesn't feel constricted! wee!), and almost makes you forget you've got them on to begin with.

It turns out that these sweet kicks are excellent for toning leg muscles and are exceptionally comfy to work out in (even on the first day!). I'm really stoked that I bought them! I buy gym shoes about once a year -and I was pleasantly surprised at the price tag! Woo for new shoes and new resolve :)

p.s. Tucker and I went for a run this morning before work. No blisters! The ankle has nooo support, however, so if you're prone to rolling them maybe opt for a shoe with more support...still way comfy. love love. mm.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I blog about Tucker

because everything else is too complicated.

MYSTERY: I walked out to my truck this morning and there was an earthworm on my rear view mirror. Yep. Earthworm. He was surrounded by some dirt, and I was truly perplexed at his presence there. Earthworms don't climb, do they?! I've never even seen one climbing over a crack in the cement, let alone up an entire vehicle and onto a rear view mirror.

He looked a little bit slimy and sad - and I figured he was dead - so I decided to let the wind knock him off as I drove so I didn't have to scoop his little cadaver off into the rocks where I park. I drove a couple of blocks, stopped at a stop sign, checked my rear view mirror and he was WAVING AROUND FRANTICALLY!! what the HECK!? He was ALIVE! And FREAKING OUT!

I guess I'm partially insane because I couldn't just let him fly off with the breeze now that I knew he was alive. What did I do? I completely pulled off the road, found a patch of grass, and scooped him with a scrap of paper off my mirror (and temporarily onto the cement - sorry, dude) and finally into said grass.

I felt totally bizarre. Why couldn't I just let him blow away? Why couldn't I just have flicked him onto the cement and forget about it?? I have no idea. I'm neurotic? I care too much? Who knows. All I know is that I was worried sick about driving too fast until I was able to pull over and put him in the grass. Haha wow.

P.S. One time I gave a snail that I rescued from a puddle mouth to mouth with a coffee straw because I felt so sad that he had drowned because of the rain. How old was I? Old enough to know what mouth to mouth was, and waaay old enough for it to be really weird that I'd feel so compelled to save a snail.

Sooo my only question now is: ...are you sure you still want to marry me, 34?

And I guess I should blog at least a little about Tucker: he has really nasty gas. Haha. (direct quote from Kristina today.) I decided that a miniature schnauzer was the best choice ever for a puppy - and if I ever get another dog, it's going to have a really hard time living up to the standard he's set. Even though he sometimes pees on the carpet, and continues peeing after I pick him up and set him in the kitchen. And regardless of how he wants to sleep directly on TOP of you, and begs shamelessly, and cries/screeches/howls in the night if he wakes up and he's not cuddling with someone. Still the best. Mmm mm love him.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Life,

Thanks for being so weird. Weird keeps me on my toes. I never really know what's coming next...which is a little bit irritating, but I guess I've gotten used to your wiley ways. Willey? Willy? Haha no...definitely not willy. Anyways.

I'm still not ok with the dreams, Life. Seriously. Stop it with the acid-tripping dreams.

Thanks. Til next time, xoxo Calee

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Umm Hi Kristina. Remember ME?! Your CO-BLOGGER who you have COMPLETELY ABANDONED?! Yeah. Sad.

I was waiting until today to blog because I didn't want to blog over your post yesterday, so imagine my (haha I seriously just typed 'muff' there and then sat here and laughed for ten minutes trying to figure out why on earth 'muff' was what came out!! hahaha)...let's try that again: so imagine my surprise/irritation when I just looked at our blog and you BLOGGED again today! So TOO BAD, Martha-baby, I'm blogging right over you. DEAL.

I'm really getting tired of having the convenience and ease of your vehicle just sitting around for me to use at will, and not having to share ice cream that I bring home with you is frustrating. I'm sick of only have to fight Dad about not watching football ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT instead of you AND Dad. Tucker's undivided attention is really getting old - plus, not having to fight you & Tuck for the big couch at night is just infuriating.

Basically, you should come home. Mom was apparently on drugs when she told you to WAIT for Brooke to come home!! (p.s. she totally accused me of stealing her oxycontin this morning hahaha that's a story for another posting, however...) <-- no, I did not steal any.

In other news: Mom found two black widows on the green blanket that I cuddle with on the big couch every night. That was pretty disturbing. Turns out there's a big web behind the couch. Yep. Gross x 50,000.

AAAAND I have yet to find a cute dress to wear to Nikki and Sam's wedding. Any ideas? Anyone?

Wow I guess this post wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. My bad. I'm still going to post over you in protest of this driving home on the 14th business.

p.s. I showed Shaun Seriously So Blessed last night and was amazed at how funny he thought it was :) Show your boyfriends/husbands. Pretty funny slash sad. You've never heard of it? {frownsmile} SAD. We have a link on the left hand side of our blog. You're welcome.


I don't have a computer up here, but since I have the best phone ever created, it doesn't really matter. :)

So after Sacramento, I flew out to Utah with Pickle. And when I say "with" I mean, we got to the airport at the same time, her direct flight landed at 3, she went and played with Sam while I was flying to Phoenix and nearly missed my connecting, and then they picked me up at 7:30. Yeah. Thanks Southwest.

We played. Had New Years. Kissed at midnight? (wouldn't you like to know!) and slept way too late. My mother had the brilliant idea of me just staying in Provo until Brooke drives down for the wedding next weekend... And so here I am!

I love all of my old roomies and their (future) spouses. It's been so comfortable and normal to be with them. I feel very much like myself right now. Isn't that nice?

I think so too.

My theme song for this trip is "Brand New Day" by Joshua Radin. You should look it up, and feel my content feelings right now.

Thanks to big time for the introduction.

I'm going to go clean now. Little miss Ashley is in Santa Barbara and could use a little less stress in her life right now. I think a fresh clean apartment will help, don't you? Glad you agree.

- Kristina

-- Post From Kristina's iPhone

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wouldn't you like to know?

I have been gone. It's been a seriously crazy week(ish) since Christmas and if I gave you all the juicy details this would be quite the popular post.

But I'm not going to. Haha. Sorry! You have to be my real life friend for that. Give me a call and I'll spill it!

I will tell some stuff though! Wow there is a lot to catch up on. I am on a super weird sleeping schedule though so I can do it now. :)

Pickle and I drove up to Sacramento last Sunday with her sweet babies. I kind of had a mental breakdown in the morning because it was kind of last minute and I don't handle spontaneity very well - but that passed. Thank heavens. Here are cute babies:

We got to Sac and had silly moments and happy days. Minus a few fiascos, including one that inspired this text from my mother:

"Nikki told me about your face. Sounds horrible!"

Ha ha. Thanks Mom.

I also was deathly allergic to her kitten. A fact I've known my whole life, but apparently Pick doesn't care about me enough to know these things. Haha just kidding. But seriously.

This cat could sense my disdain. His name is Dexter and he would rather sleep on my face than anywhere else. He would not leave me alone!!! And he purrs louder than Jan snores. That is pretty loud, people.

One afternoon I was feeling particularly out of it from the allergy meds, and was trying to sleep. Dexter kept ending up on my face, and in my half-asleep state I probably pushed him off of me 20 times before I yelled "leave me alone!"

He did leave me alone, barely. I had to take a picture of what happened next.

That's my arm with the gray sleeve. Hahaha. Oh Dexy.

And this post is To Be Continued...

-- Post From Kristina's iPhone

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