Thursday, January 7, 2010


Umm Hi Kristina. Remember ME?! Your CO-BLOGGER who you have COMPLETELY ABANDONED?! Yeah. Sad.

I was waiting until today to blog because I didn't want to blog over your post yesterday, so imagine my (haha I seriously just typed 'muff' there and then sat here and laughed for ten minutes trying to figure out why on earth 'muff' was what came out!! hahaha)...let's try that again: so imagine my surprise/irritation when I just looked at our blog and you BLOGGED again today! So TOO BAD, Martha-baby, I'm blogging right over you. DEAL.

I'm really getting tired of having the convenience and ease of your vehicle just sitting around for me to use at will, and not having to share ice cream that I bring home with you is frustrating. I'm sick of only have to fight Dad about not watching football ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT instead of you AND Dad. Tucker's undivided attention is really getting old - plus, not having to fight you & Tuck for the big couch at night is just infuriating.

Basically, you should come home. Mom was apparently on drugs when she told you to WAIT for Brooke to come home!! (p.s. she totally accused me of stealing her oxycontin this morning hahaha that's a story for another posting, however...) <-- no, I did not steal any.

In other news: Mom found two black widows on the green blanket that I cuddle with on the big couch every night. That was pretty disturbing. Turns out there's a big web behind the couch. Yep. Gross x 50,000.

AAAAND I have yet to find a cute dress to wear to Nikki and Sam's wedding. Any ideas? Anyone?

Wow I guess this post wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. My bad. I'm still going to post over you in protest of this driving home on the 14th business.

p.s. I showed Shaun Seriously So Blessed last night and was amazed at how funny he thought it was :) Show your boyfriends/husbands. Pretty funny slash sad. You've never heard of it? {frownsmile} SAD. We have a link on the left hand side of our blog. You're welcome.


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