Thursday, January 28, 2010

I blog about Tucker

because everything else is too complicated.

MYSTERY: I walked out to my truck this morning and there was an earthworm on my rear view mirror. Yep. Earthworm. He was surrounded by some dirt, and I was truly perplexed at his presence there. Earthworms don't climb, do they?! I've never even seen one climbing over a crack in the cement, let alone up an entire vehicle and onto a rear view mirror.

He looked a little bit slimy and sad - and I figured he was dead - so I decided to let the wind knock him off as I drove so I didn't have to scoop his little cadaver off into the rocks where I park. I drove a couple of blocks, stopped at a stop sign, checked my rear view mirror and he was WAVING AROUND FRANTICALLY!! what the HECK!? He was ALIVE! And FREAKING OUT!

I guess I'm partially insane because I couldn't just let him fly off with the breeze now that I knew he was alive. What did I do? I completely pulled off the road, found a patch of grass, and scooped him with a scrap of paper off my mirror (and temporarily onto the cement - sorry, dude) and finally into said grass.

I felt totally bizarre. Why couldn't I just let him blow away? Why couldn't I just have flicked him onto the cement and forget about it?? I have no idea. I'm neurotic? I care too much? Who knows. All I know is that I was worried sick about driving too fast until I was able to pull over and put him in the grass. Haha wow.

P.S. One time I gave a snail that I rescued from a puddle mouth to mouth with a coffee straw because I felt so sad that he had drowned because of the rain. How old was I? Old enough to know what mouth to mouth was, and waaay old enough for it to be really weird that I'd feel so compelled to save a snail.

Sooo my only question now is: ...are you sure you still want to marry me, 34?

And I guess I should blog at least a little about Tucker: he has really nasty gas. Haha. (direct quote from Kristina today.) I decided that a miniature schnauzer was the best choice ever for a puppy - and if I ever get another dog, it's going to have a really hard time living up to the standard he's set. Even though he sometimes pees on the carpet, and continues peeing after I pick him up and set him in the kitchen. And regardless of how he wants to sleep directly on TOP of you, and begs shamelessly, and cries/screeches/howls in the night if he wakes up and he's not cuddling with someone. Still the best. Mmm mm love him.


Anonymous said...

Love Tuck. Way to not buy a schnoodle. :) They are schtupid.

Suz said...

Ha ha, Calee, I love you! :) I'm glad you save the worms and give snails mouth to mouth because I am the obnoxious mom teaching her 5-year-old boy to put salt on snails and watch them shrivel up and foam nasty green bubbles.


Anonymous said...

hey, I heard what Cory has been doing, and I just want to say I thinks it's really lame. Your puppy sounds cute!

Calee said...

Dear Suz - haha! SAD!! I once slapped a boy for purposely squishing a snail. And I felt way worse for the snail than for the little boy who ran away crying! hahaha

Anonymous 1: hahah ohh schtupid.
Anonymous 2: be careful who you judge. everybody has a story. but I think you were just trying to be supportive - and I appreciate that :)

Rachel said...

Do you remember that sleepover with Lisa (BING!). She started pouring salt on snails to watch them bubble. We both were appauled but I think you cried. Poor,sensitive Cals! Stay that way:)
PS- you know you spoil your dog when he scolds you for not cuddling with him:)

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