Friday, January 30, 2009

Schnoodle vs. Schnauzer

First of all, thanks to everyone who's put their two cents in concerning my puppy-shopping escapades! I appreciate the feedback :)

Schnoodle. We went to a breeders house last night to meet one! Aaand she was REALLY adorable, not gonna lie. She was just as fluffy and adorable as the one pictured in my last post, only smokey black and white. BUT she's a 'toy', NOT a mini...meaning that she'll only be 8 lbs full grown! That might sound fun to some of you, but that's a bit smaller than what I am in the market for. That information didn't stop me from thinking she was the sweetest, cutest little fluffball EVER.

And Cory? Poor Cory...he was lamenting my sugary-puppy-lovie-ness, complete with ridiculous cooing baby voice, when a different little black puppy poked his head around the corner. This puppy was NOT a Schnoodle. Now, Cory has been REALLY good at keeping his opinion to himself about what kind of dog I should get (him and my father seem to consider 'true dogs' large breeds ONLY...and last time I checked, I'm not in a position to purchase an 80 pound - but, his face lit up when he saw this little guy.

Spunky, bowlegged, and sharp - this jet black puppy stole my heart immediately.
I set the shivering Schnoodle down and never looked back.

For the record, there are NO pictures on Google that do justice to how flippin' cute this little guy is!! Apparently the major flaw with Schnauzers is that they're not very photogenic. I am willing to look over this, however, as I often feel I share that flaw.

Here's the closest thing to a good picture I could find on the internet. Don't you worry, there will shortly be MANY images of my new puppy dressed in a ridiculously cute (AND 'manly', per Cory) puppy sweater.

I put a deposit down & am picking up the newest Schroeder on Saturday!

Yay!! Now... Names... Suggestions, anyone?

Our picks: Charlie, Daschle (Dash for short), Dr. Feel Good (thank you, Brooke, for this phenomenal name choice - 'Doc' for short), Scooter, Ace, Skipper, Scout, Baxter.
Let me know what you think!!
P.S. I DID research this breed before going to the breeder's house. I read a lot about Schnauzers as I was studying up on the progenitors of the Schnoodle :) Apparently Schnauzers have a lot of the same great qualities as Poodles - obedient, intelligent, friendly, and loyal! Only they're feisty. And let's be honest - to be a Schroeder, one must be feisty. So Schnauzer it is.


The Stokes Family said...

I like Dash & Doc

Melody said...

Daschle. I like it. Gotta love the Incredibles!

Katie said...

I like Daschle as well, but I don't really get it. Oh and I also LOVE Charlie and Scout is okay too.

Grandma said...

Hi Calee. We love the pictures of the dogs you've had on your blog. The little Schnauzer is really cute. My sister had one and his name was Fritz, it fit. I kinda like Schautzi (in German that means Little Sweetheart). Grandpa likes Thor (cause he's so big, tee hee) or Thunder. I know you're having lots of fun. Wish we were there. Love ya. Grandma

Nikki Nielsen said...

awww so cute! i can't wait to meet him. he looks like an oliver to me. i like that name.

Nikki said...

What about Schtinky the Schroeder Schnauzer?


Oh my gosh I am so funny.

I just decided that I will be calling him Schtinky no matter what you end up naming him.

Schtinky Schroeder...hahahaha.

Rachel and family said...

I like Doc but I think your grandpa might be onto something with Thor.

Arica said...

i vote moose. haha. our landlords have a schauzer and his name is boss. ..we like him. although, if he doesn't get groomed regularly, his eyebrows grow really long and make him look angry. haha.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I have a miniature black schnoodle and we called him Louis - a nod to his French poodle back ground. I have to say, a great choice for a dog - ours is very affectionate, full of fun, a huge success with all who meet him!

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