Friday, January 9, 2009

...feeling down?

Check out these funny pix of my neices and feel better!!
Taylen is the master of the one-eyeball eye-cross.

Demonstrating the two-eyeball cross....

With an added lip bite

Ryah's just adorable, on the other hand.

Aaand one more for good measure.

Darnit!! My camera battery just died on me - more (and more recent) photos to come!


Hoy Family said...

You have super cute nieces! They seem so... so Schroeder! Haha - that's a good thing of course!

Katie said...

So sweet to see papa schroeder with his grand daughter. I miss seeing his happy face

Rachel and family said...

Ok, the one eye ball cross is pure talent! It kinda freaked me out. Cute pics. Your nieces are adorable!

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