Thursday, January 15, 2009

G for GMAT. And Gross.

I'm taking the GMAT on Saturday and I'm officially feeling the stress of it. I've been trying to study as much as I can the last week or so (yes, I'm very aware that a week is not a long period of time) and now that it's a grand 30 hours away - I'm feeling a smidge nervous.

The last time I took it, I seriously had a mental breakdown on the math section. The GMAT is computer adaptive, so the better you're doing the harder the questions get. So in my weird little mindset, I was doing everything I possibly could to get the right answer on every single one. Which is fine, unless you're spending way too long doing that. I didn't even read the last 16 questions - just straight guessed. And still didn't finish 3 of them.

For real?

I went out into the hallway during my 'break' and bawled and then got a hold of myself for the verbal.

Anyway - I'm hoping to not repeat that experience this time. Saturday morning, here I come.

Who knows, if I do well enough - maybe Oxford?


Haha. :)

We'll see.


Chelsea said...

Yes, Oxford would be awesome! Eddie and I would come visit you.

Grandma said...

Hi Dear Kristina. I tried to send you an e-mail but it didn't go. What is your address? I don't know what the GMAT test is but it really must be a humdinger if it has you worried. I know you'll to great with it. Let us know what it is and how you do. Also tell us about this Englishman who has been following you around. He sounds interesting but I hope you're not thinking of 'jetting' off to England to live. We love you!!! Good luck tomorrow!

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