Friday, April 23, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, avoiding work we go

I'm going to Utah tomorrow for an amazingly long period of time (don't I always?) and I have so much to do beforehand and so little motivation to do any of it.

I told the man-friend the other day (as I was sitting on his couch, watching my 14th episode of the office in a row and looking up to watch him choose his blasted schoolwork over me, yet again) that it is a bit odd how on days where I do very little, I have NO motivation to do anything else. But on days where I start off busy, it's like you can't stop me. I keep having things pop in my brain that I need to finish and so I just keep going and going and going until my body caves in. (I just grossed myself out by writing that.)

That day was definitely one of the former type. I sat on his couch all day, and when he wanted me to go pick up a pizza for him, I really had the thought, "Um. Pizza places deliver. Hello," run through my mind as I snuggled in a little deeper to my blanket and stuffed the headphones in a little closer so I could hear Dwight's silliness all the way to my brain stem instead of just my ear drums. 

And then I laughed at myself and said of course I would go, but made him come with me. And then conveniently left wearing a ridiculous outfit that he was ashamed of, so he had to either get out of the truck and go get the pizza, or be embarrassed of his ragamuffin non-girlfriend. Oops.

Anyway... I wish today was one of those busy days where I accomplish more than one human being should be capable of accomplishing in one rotation of the earth. But since it's 10:30 and all I've managed to do so far is devour a delicious peanut butter cookie the size of my face and write a ToDo list and snuggle up next to Tucker and send hilarious, yet unappreciated texts to TDH and feel depressed looking at my bank statements and annoyed at my sisters for not answering my awesome email that I sent almost 11 hours ago...

I'm guessing it won't be. 



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Law school

really, really sucks. 

And that's today's installment of Kristina P's&M's about everything. Talk to me on Saturday and I definitely will not be whining. 

...for at least a whole week until his summer semester starts.


P.s. If I can't even handle him being in school - how the heck am I going to handle starting my MBA program next fall? Especially considering the fact that I'm supposed to sign this: 

Okay, the picture is really bad. Blame my terrible blackberry. 

Basically I am signing a contract saying that I will have no life outside of school next year. No activities, no classes. No food or sleep. Okay that part isn't in there, but I'm no dummy - I can read between the lines.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unnecessary Quotes

I have blogged about this before, and I told TDH (I will not let you bully me into changing, Brooke!) about it last week for some reason - but I love It is so funny to me.

I submitted a picture about six months ago, and then earlier this year she emailed me to tell me that my picture was going to be put on her blog! Yippee!

Apparently it was exciting enough that I forgot about it until my conversation with the man this week. Oops.

I was at a job fair thing and this guy was offering "Trigger-Point" "Massage." And a wellness sceening. Ha ha.

Oh people of the world, you are so funny. And I'm famous!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Sniffer Mc Snifferson

I don't know how many of you readers were at Amber's birthday dinner a few months ago at Hard Rock, but Calee made an outrageous claim that night that led to a really silly evening this weekend.

She said she could sniff a glass of soda and tell you if it was diet or regular.

Since then it has come up multiple times - and it's escalated from not only diet vs. regular to diet coke vs. regular coke vs. diet pepsi vs. regular pepsi. I know what you're all thinking -- NO WAY CAN SHE DO THAT JUST BY SNIFFING.

(As a credit to Calee: Our family has been known for having extraordinarily sensitive sniffers. My mom's sniffing is so distinct that I can even hear her doing it if I'm not looking. I know when she is sniffing something - like a truffle, for example, perhaps to tell what the filling is or how old it may be. Taylen can smell a piece of candy from a different room, even as Nikki is trying to open it as softly as she can to sneak a bite. And our newest member, Sam, fits right in. Go ahead and ask him his own sniffing tales. Ha ha ha. But maybe only do that if you don't have a very strong gag-reflex.)

I told Tall, Dark and Handsome, about this, and he has been just as amazed by it as I have been. So,TDH and I planned out this elaborate testing system last night and finally made Calee put her money where her nose is.

I wish we took more pictures but this is all I've got:

Note that she isn't holding the glass up to her mouth, but her nose. No tasting allowed.

We set up 16 glasses holding either Pepsi, Coke, or their diet alternatives. Except glass A2, which was the wildcard, Dr. Pepper. (A2 refers to the detailed numbering system that TDH wrote on his meticulously designed scorecards. I'm not sure if it's incredibly awesome or incredibly scary that I've found someone who gets as obsessed with/into stupid crap like this as I do.)

Verdict? She sucked. Ha ha ha. We determined that her percentages were low enough that her correct answers could not be proven to be more than chance. And that TDH and I are really ridiculously stupid.

Case in point:


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Calee,

You should post about Woofstock. Thanks. 


P.s. I need a summer internship. Please help.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I want it so bad. 

Oh Victoria's Secret. I love you so much. And if I had the money I would buy these so fast it's not even funny. 

Oh man. I am coveting so badly right now. So bad.



Sometimes when my days are poopy, and I'm feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, I like to come home after working out and snuggle with this little man:

And watch mildly attractive Dale perform surgeries with Kristina:
(Ooh Thursday are so good to me...)

Or maybe watch this Casey play his guitar and sing me a love song:
And if Casey's too busy, then Caleb
will sometimes serenade us...

And if we're really lucky, sweet little Archie will come sing us a song, too. Don't you just want to squeeze him!? And listen to him sing EFY songs?!
Goodness gracious.

Only on poopy days, I promise.

Loves, Calee

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interesting Nugget

from President Hinckley:

"Now I wish to say something to bishops and stake presidents concerning missionary service. It is a sensitive matter. There seems to be growing in the Church an idea that all young women as well as all young men should go on missions. We need some young women. They perform a remarkable work. They can get in homes where the elders cannot.

I confess that I have two granddaughters on missions. They are bright and beautiful young women. They are working hard and accomplishing much good. Speaking with their bishops and their parents, they made their own decisions to go. They did not tell me until they turned their papers in. I had nothing to do with their decision to go.

Now, having made that confession, I wish to say that the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve are united in saying to our young sisters that they are not under obligation to go on missions. I hope I can say what I have to say in a way that will not be offensive to anyone. Young women should not feel that they have a duty comparable to that of young men. Some of them will very much wish to go. If so, they should counsel with their bishop as well as their parents. If the idea persists, the bishop will know what to do.

I say what has been said before, that missionary work is essentially a priesthood responsibility. As such, our young men must carry the major burden. This is their responsibility and their obligation.

We do not ask the young women to consider a mission as an essential part of their life’s program. Over a period of many years, we have held the age level higher for them in an effort to keep the number going relatively small. Again to the sisters I say that you will be as highly respected, you will be considered as being as much in the line of duty, your efforts will be as acceptable to the Lord and to the Church whether you go on a mission or do not go on a mission.

We constantly receive letters from young women asking why the age for sister missionaries is not the same as it is for elders. We simply give them the reasons. We know that they are disappointed. We know that many have set their hearts on missions. We know that many of them wish this experience before they marry and go forward with their adult lives. I certainly do not wish to say or imply that their services are not wanted. I simply say that a mission is not necessary as a part of their lives.

Now, that may appear to be something of a strange thing to say in priesthood meeting. I say it here because I do not know where else to say it. The bishops and stake presidents of the Church have now heard it. And they must be the ones who make the judgment in this matter.

That is enough on that subject."

- Priesthood session, October 1997 

On my mind today. 

That's all. 


Monday, April 5, 2010

The men in my life

I like them dark and cuddly and nerdy.
Tuck has taken a liking to Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. Can you blame him?

Happy Easter :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last Saturday Tucker was at Fiesta Island. He ran and played and jumped and barked. He made some friends, and sniffed lots of things...not all of which are appropriate to be named on this blog...

While there, a goose honked at him from the water. Tucker was immediately offended and rushed into the water and started swimming after it!

The thing that makes this picture delightful to me is that Tucker does not like water. AT ALL. He will frequently howl in the bathtub and look at you as if to ask..."What did I do to deserve this?? Why do you HATE ME?!" Haha. Him and his little stinky beard.

Moral of the story: geese must be shown who's boss. Or maybe its that things we dislike seem less unsavory if we just focus on the ultimate goal. Or maybe its that small, bearded dogs who hate water hate geese more than said water.

Either way, I love this picture. He looks truly bedraggled.

Have a happy conference/Easter weekend, friends!

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