Monday, April 19, 2010

Sniffer Mc Snifferson

I don't know how many of you readers were at Amber's birthday dinner a few months ago at Hard Rock, but Calee made an outrageous claim that night that led to a really silly evening this weekend.

She said she could sniff a glass of soda and tell you if it was diet or regular.

Since then it has come up multiple times - and it's escalated from not only diet vs. regular to diet coke vs. regular coke vs. diet pepsi vs. regular pepsi. I know what you're all thinking -- NO WAY CAN SHE DO THAT JUST BY SNIFFING.

(As a credit to Calee: Our family has been known for having extraordinarily sensitive sniffers. My mom's sniffing is so distinct that I can even hear her doing it if I'm not looking. I know when she is sniffing something - like a truffle, for example, perhaps to tell what the filling is or how old it may be. Taylen can smell a piece of candy from a different room, even as Nikki is trying to open it as softly as she can to sneak a bite. And our newest member, Sam, fits right in. Go ahead and ask him his own sniffing tales. Ha ha ha. But maybe only do that if you don't have a very strong gag-reflex.)

I told Tall, Dark and Handsome, about this, and he has been just as amazed by it as I have been. So,TDH and I planned out this elaborate testing system last night and finally made Calee put her money where her nose is.

I wish we took more pictures but this is all I've got:

Note that she isn't holding the glass up to her mouth, but her nose. No tasting allowed.

We set up 16 glasses holding either Pepsi, Coke, or their diet alternatives. Except glass A2, which was the wildcard, Dr. Pepper. (A2 refers to the detailed numbering system that TDH wrote on his meticulously designed scorecards. I'm not sure if it's incredibly awesome or incredibly scary that I've found someone who gets as obsessed with/into stupid crap like this as I do.)

Verdict? She sucked. Ha ha ha. We determined that her percentages were low enough that her correct answers could not be proven to be more than chance. And that TDH and I are really ridiculously stupid.

Case in point:



Calee said...

FOR THE RECORD: I said I USED to be able to smell them when I ACTUALLY DRANK THOSE SODAS!! Like two years ago. Or longer.

I even TOLD you in the kitchen last week that I USED to be able to!! You two are seriously weird.

So WHATEVER. I'm glad you got a post in at my expense. I GOT 10/16, though!! I'm sticking to it. Not too shabby. :P!

Kristina said...

7 out of 16. Maybe we need kyle to submit the scorecard to clear this up.

Arica said...

don't you love sisters!? that's a good activity. sounds like the type of thing my brother in law jeremy would claim, and the type of thing we'd make him test. haha.

ps. you need an internship? check out microsoft. they've got an empire and a billion of buildings doing every thing you can imagine.

Rachel said...

That is funny. The only one I can peg my nose on is Dr. Pepper and anything diet. I can smell the difference between real sugar and artifical. BUUUT... no dice on the brand for me. Calee you were a good sport and way to put the leftovers to use girlies.

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

i miss you guys. the end.

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