Friday, April 23, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, avoiding work we go

I'm going to Utah tomorrow for an amazingly long period of time (don't I always?) and I have so much to do beforehand and so little motivation to do any of it.

I told the man-friend the other day (as I was sitting on his couch, watching my 14th episode of the office in a row and looking up to watch him choose his blasted schoolwork over me, yet again) that it is a bit odd how on days where I do very little, I have NO motivation to do anything else. But on days where I start off busy, it's like you can't stop me. I keep having things pop in my brain that I need to finish and so I just keep going and going and going until my body caves in. (I just grossed myself out by writing that.)

That day was definitely one of the former type. I sat on his couch all day, and when he wanted me to go pick up a pizza for him, I really had the thought, "Um. Pizza places deliver. Hello," run through my mind as I snuggled in a little deeper to my blanket and stuffed the headphones in a little closer so I could hear Dwight's silliness all the way to my brain stem instead of just my ear drums. 

And then I laughed at myself and said of course I would go, but made him come with me. And then conveniently left wearing a ridiculous outfit that he was ashamed of, so he had to either get out of the truck and go get the pizza, or be embarrassed of his ragamuffin non-girlfriend. Oops.

Anyway... I wish today was one of those busy days where I accomplish more than one human being should be capable of accomplishing in one rotation of the earth. But since it's 10:30 and all I've managed to do so far is devour a delicious peanut butter cookie the size of my face and write a ToDo list and snuggle up next to Tucker and send hilarious, yet unappreciated texts to TDH and feel depressed looking at my bank statements and annoyed at my sisters for not answering my awesome email that I sent almost 11 hours ago...

I'm guessing it won't be. 




Arica said...

Oh Kristina! I love you for this. And honestly, I think we're more alike then you could possibly think! I function the same way! A go getter, or a do absolutely NOTHING'er. Please download Jim Gaffigan's King Baby cd (if you enjoy really amazing comedians of course). He talks about laziness and you'll probably pee because it's so true it's embarassing. haha. Have fun up here! Pack for warm and cold, because goodness knows the weather is all over the place right now.

Rachel said...

Almost all of Gaffigan's routines has something to do with laziness. He is so funny. I hear you about the do nothing days. It is harder to accomplish with kids around but I still manage sometimes:)

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