Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last Saturday Tucker was at Fiesta Island. He ran and played and jumped and barked. He made some friends, and sniffed lots of things...not all of which are appropriate to be named on this blog...

While there, a goose honked at him from the water. Tucker was immediately offended and rushed into the water and started swimming after it!

The thing that makes this picture delightful to me is that Tucker does not like water. AT ALL. He will frequently howl in the bathtub and look at you as if to ask..."What did I do to deserve this?? Why do you HATE ME?!" Haha. Him and his little stinky beard.

Moral of the story: geese must be shown who's boss. Or maybe its that things we dislike seem less unsavory if we just focus on the ultimate goal. Or maybe its that small, bearded dogs who hate water hate geese more than said water.

Either way, I love this picture. He looks truly bedraggled.

Have a happy conference/Easter weekend, friends!

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