Thursday, February 5, 2009

All Tucker-ed out...

So last Saturday we built a dog run in my parent's back yard (pictures coming soon!), bought all sorts of puppy-related goodness at Petco & WalMart (crate, leash, harness, etc...), then went and picked up our PUPPY!!

He seemed a bit sleepy on the drive home (from El Cajon), so I let him sleep in my lap. When we got home, he seemed a bit he took another nap, then slept through the night. The next day he perked up a little, and made it about three hours wide awake before succombing to an hour-long siesta. Aaaand he falls asleep nightly around eight. Wakes up around 3 AM to go to the bathroom, then sleeps until 7AM.


I thought puppies were supposed to be constantly hyper and crazy?? Don't get me wrong, he does his fair share of funny puppy things (like chasing his reflection in the mirror, jumping and barking at his toys, using his very sharp baby teeth to chew your socks - with your feet still inside of them, etc...) - but he mostly loves to cuddle and sleep. Turns out schnauzers sleep on average 13 hours a day! Haha - I have the BEST puppy EVER!

So all the names we were considering got chucked out the window when we realized what a sleepy little guy we had, in favor of the name 'Tucker' - in honor of how 'tuckered out' he always is :)

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

Napping on Cory's head.

Napping on Cory's arm.

Smiling while napping on his back.

Cory watching Sports Center & Tucker (napping, of course).

This was taken shortly before (and after) a nap.

I took him to the vet to make sure all is well, and the vet told me he's healthy!
Welcome home, Tucker :)


Arica said...

I KNEW IT! did i call it, or did i (the name reasoning, that is)!?

i love him.

Hoy Family said...

SO CUTE!!! I love the name Tucker too! What a sweetie!

Melody said...

VERY cute!:) I love the nap pics!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your first "child". He'll prepare you for kids more than you know:) Sounds like a good sleeper though:P

Gma Cheryl said...

Tucker is a pretty cute pup and he has the perfect name!

Kristen said...

Aw! Tucker was my dog's name. He is such a darling :)

Christy said...

HaHa! I remember when we first brought Moose home she was ALWAYS sleeping. She would play really hard for about 20-30 minutes then be knocked out for a couple hours and then repeat the cycle. Puppies are just like human babies, they're growing so fast that they need lots of sleep:)

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