Friday, February 13, 2009


SO, my mom is in town. Boog got her wisdom teeth out this morning and my mom flew out to be with her and help her through the ordeal.

While brookie was in class last night, my mom and I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Provo - Gloria's Little Italy. I am seriously obsessed with this place, it is delicious. I'm a smidge sad that it's all popular now, but glad that I don't have to worry about it closing down!

(That paragraph just made two totally random thoughts come into my head. Saying brookie made me think: "Brookie just took her hand, and put it down her shirt." And saying delicious made me think of Calee this last summer saying that word every two seconds. Only Schroeders will understand what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, I had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life there last night. I tried to explain it to people after it happened and it just didn't come across as mortifying or hilarious as it was - but I'm writing about it now hoping you'll understand what I went through.

We were sitting there at dinner and I heard the server behind me say "wide receiver." It just made me turn for a sec, and I realized it was a high school kid talking about football with a guy right behind me wearing all BYU sweats. I had no idea who he was - like not even the slightest recognition. I texted Jan and told him I was sitting next to a kid who played for the Y and didn't know him... thought that would be the end of it.

My mom went to the bathroom a few minutes later, and it was still really bugging me that I didn't know who this guy was. I was in a weird mood (surprised? it's my mom. she does something to me.) and decided for some nonsensical reason that taking a picture of him with my iPhone and sending it to Jan was the perfect solution to my problem.

He was sitting behind me, so I had to like awkwardly twist my phone around while trying to be discreet so I could take a flippin picture of the guy. I was laughing at myself and felt so silly - and sneaked a peek at him after I took the picture. Good thing his wife was like staring RIGHT at me - I know she watched the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING. I was so embarrassed.

And it wasn't even a good picture! Look:

I know. You can't tell at all! Blah.

So Mom comes back and we get up to go look at the scrumptious desserts. While we're up there, I tell her the funny/embarrassing story of what just happened, and at the end said "You should've just done it." Since she was sitting across from me, and it would've been easier for her to just act like she was playing with the phone and take a picture straight on, rather than turning it around. After I said that she was like - I still can!

I thought it was a good idea, since I got a bad picture in the first place and his identity was still a mystery. Oh how very wrong I was.

She brilliantly assumed that I meant she should've taken the picture because she is so much sneakier than I am, not because of her seat placement. Don't worry that she full on walked up, in the middle of all of the tables, practically running into things because she was holding the phone up directly in front of her face, pushing the button like she was taking a picture. I just sat at the table and couldn't stop her - because then it would just be loud and draw even MORE attention. She seriously was so incredibly obvious, it was awful. AWFUL.

I was crying laughing at this point. Look at the pictures that her ridiculousness achieved:

Seriously?? Hahaha.

Still no clue. They got up and left, looking at us like we're total morons. They knew the whole time what we were doing.

Don't worry that Mom looked at their check before we left, but couldn't read his writing.

STILL a mystery. Still.

You want to know what's not a mystery? How funny my mom is.


Sarah said...

I *almost* peed my pants, that was so funny!

Arica said...

hahahaaaha. your family. i'll tell you what..

freakin crack me up, that's what.

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