Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delayed Birthday Love

My beloved Brookie had a birthday on Monday. I was too busy playing with her on that day to write a little tribute! But she sent me one of the world's nicest text messages this morning, which made me feel bad that I never did it. So here is some Boogster love, for her big 21st b-day. 

Awesome things about Brooke: 

- As all of you know, she is hilarious. We're talking, make you laugh so hard your eyes water and you pee your pants. She is so quick and smart and comes up with the most random things to say, and is usually borderline inappropriate. But the best part about Brooke's funniness is that she makes you feel funny, too. You can say something that's really not that funny, but she'll laugh and say some little quirk afterward that is legitimately funny, so then you two are funny friends. :) Haha. Good news for all of us non-funny people out there. 

- She is beautifully gorgeous. Which is weird considering she wears the strangest clothes and does the weirdest make up and likes her hair to resemble crazy bed-head. It makes absolutely no sense to me how she can be so strikingly pretty while wearing grey sparkly stretch pants and a poofy-neck sweater with bondage sandals, a rat tail in her hair and cat-eye eye liner. But she does it. Which is more than a little impressive. 

- She lived with me this summer when all of my friends were gone and I felt like I didn't have anybody. Am I ten times more boring than most people she could live with? Yes. Did she clean up my dishes all the time? Yes. I don't think there was any kind of incentive to live with me except that she knew I needed her and she is a good sister. It was a really good summer because of her, and I'm sad we don't live together anymore. :(

- She can say awful things and make terrible jokes and all she gets out of my parents is a half-stern "Brooooooooooke," because they think she is so funny. She's been running amuck since she was like 4 because she's always been too adorable to get mad at. 

- She is one of the most open-minded, understanding people in the world. She's had her fair share of garbage she's had to deal with - more than anyone should have to, actually. But she still finds it in her heart to feel sad for other people who are struggling, or listen to a dumb thing you did with absolutely no judgment. Don't get me wrong, she's actually really good at telling it to you straight and letting you know if she thinks you're being a moron, but it's always done in a very loving way. She's someone you can go to with any problem and not feel embarrassed. She actually said to me this weekend, after she's gone through one of the worst break ups in history, "I don't know whose situation is worse, yours or mine." Like my stupid little heart-sick situation even compares to what she's dealing with. She really meant it, too. 

There are a lot more things about Brooke that are really awesome, like her incredible ability to make sweet sweet playlists, her ridiculously hideous faces she can contort her beautiful features into, the weird laughing fits she gets into where she just cries and laughs for like 20 minutes all by herself for no reason, her new-found desire for independence/self-dependence, her ability to be best friends with anybody, her willingness to always apologize first, etc etc.

I've loved this girl for my whole life minus the fifteen months of it she wasn't in it. But I would venture to say she was right there with me during those months, too. I even loved her in middle school when she was less than fond of me; it didn't bother me that she didn't want to be my friend, I still thought she was awesome. I'm glad we're past that phase now though haha. :)

I remember sharing a room when we were little and sleeping on the top bunk while she was on the bottom. At night she would say "Goodnight! I love you." And it always meant so much to me. What a blessing it has been for me to always have her near. Heavenly Father is so good to me. 

Okay I'm bawling now. That means it's time to stop. Happy 21st Birthday boog! Love you, monkey. 

Warning: Lots of embarrassing childhood photos below.

Love you! 


Alan said...

I know this isn't facebook, but I like this. And I'm going to leave it at that.

Arica said...

haaahaha. the yard work photo is SOO HELARIOUS!! HAAHA. and man, that first paragraph.. SO TRUE! you've got a rad sister, that's for sure.

Francesca said...

This post makes me wish I knew Brooke better. By the way, who in your family is NOT stunningly beautiful and extremely hilarious?

Katie said...

I second what Francesca said above me. Who in your family really?! NO ONE!

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh, love the pics!

Calee said...

I am crying now, too. Such good sisterly friends. Love love love all around.

Amber Irene said...

Precious! Aww Kristina, you're super sweet! I wish you were my sister (please don't let my sisters see that. thank you )

jessica virgin carlson said...

awww i want to know brookie too... i want to know christina too.. im a horrible pretend two are beautiful inside and out and u don't have to know u know u to know that...

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