Thursday, September 3, 2009

My worst blogging feature is title-creation. For reals.

I feel a little better than yesterday, thanks for asking. I'm kind of a negative nancy lately, but I'm trying hard to snap out of it. This font is better than the other one. Is the pink still too hard to read? Why is this hard? Maybe I should just kick Calee off the blog and make it easier. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. 
I am really considering going to Rexburg. I didn't get into any of the classes I needed down here and I really need to be in school if I'm going to start my doctorate program next fall. (Woops. Apparently the planning-monster will never rest.)
For some reason I am really petrified though.
Maybe it will make me feel better to do my usual pros/cons list:
Pros for going to BYU-I
1. I'll be in school taking some key classes I really really need before I can take a bunch of others
2. I'll be able to study for the OAT in my free time (the MCAT of optometry)
3. I won't be at home with nothing to do
4. Hopefully some kind of a new start will help me move on with my life
5. Student ward vs. Singles ward. You know what I'm talking about.
6. I'll be doing something. Moving forward. Starting again.
7. My beloved friends will only be 4 hours away instead of 10.
8. I could possibly have a job in a few months.
9. Maybe one day I could have a social life again.
Cons for going to BYU-I
1. Brooke isn't going with me, so I will have absolutely nobody
2. I don't want to live with random 18 year olds, but I don't have the money for a single apartment
3. The job that I could possibly have is still very shaky and unsure.
4. I won't be in school all day everyday since I'll be a non-traditional student. Only 6 credits during the day and then all night classes, which they don't offer very many of and I won't get nearly as many credits done as I was hoping to get at Palomar.
5. I will feel very isolated, as now my family will be 15 hours away and my friends 4 hours away. You can compare it to me moving to Provo by myself all you want, but the truth of the matter is I was 18, starting in a new place where EVERYONE was starting new. This is 100% completely different. I'm now the weird, freakish older girl with no friends and no husband.
6. I'm really scared.
7. I'll miss my mom. 
.... nope. Don't feel any closer to a decision. Does it matter that if I'm going, I have to move this weekend?

P.P.S. What is your vote on the pink/orange, arial/courier font?


Grandma S. said...

Hi dear Kristina. I think the pink is just as hard to read as the orange. I like Courier font.

I'm excited thinking of you coming to Rexburg. When you said you won't have ANYONE here, you forgot you have US!!! Our home is yours whenever you want it to be. We'd love to have you closer. We love you.

Rachel said...

Take the plunge Kristina! If optometry is what you want to do then do what you can to get rolling. It will all shake out. Pink is better than orange.

Sarah said...

I vote for pink. And I vote a solid 'NO' on Rexburg. Specifically for cons 3, 4, and 5. I was there as a non-weird 19 year old, and though I loved my roommates and I was PLENTY busy with school (which it sounds like you won't be), I couldn't stand the social aspect of Rexburg. I just couldn't do another year of huge belt buckles, all your roomies being engaged within 2 weeks of dating some yokel, and everything closing at 9pm. Wait, 9? Seriously?
I know that the main thing is your education, but the social aspect is still a truly important facet. And I just don't see Rexburg offering that for you. Sorry, I'm full of depressing comments today!

Jesus (me llama en espanol) said...

How long do you have to go? If it is just a year, JUST DO IT! Go, get it done, and before you have had time to stop questioning where you are supposed to be in life, you'll have some more options. If it'll be much longer than that, I would probably be a little more hesitant to tell you to pack your stuff.

What about England? Any chance finding a job and enjoying the opportunity to do whatever the hell you want since you have no obligations anywhere? That's what I would do. Seriously. No, I am serious! Move away to another country. Live it up, girlfriend!! You can not regret that.

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