Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Mad.

"Me, too."
"They've got to be stopped!"
- Frankenthumb
Seriously, though? I hate feeling angry. Sometimes you just hear things that make you feel so sad and hurt inside and then it bubbles into something much more hot and intense and you are just plain MAD.
I don't understand my situation and I don't understand what the heck I'm supposed to be doing about it. I don't understand what direction my life is going or what I'm supposed to choose or how I'm supposed to choose it. What I don't understand the most, though? How other people handle it. I mean, really? Really? Really?
I just feel frustrated. I could write the word "frustrated" here a million times and then maybe that would help me start to feel better. Maybe.
The worse part is, I am completely unsurprised.
I just wrote a really good post here but it was a little too personal and a little too obvious who I was being a little too personal about. So I am editing it because I felt bad. But I am still angry and I am still hurt and I still want to write "Frustrated" a million times.
P.S. Boys lie. A lot. And will then tell you it's not lying and come up with some random way to explain how not telling the truth is somehow not a lie in this situation because of a lot of other circumstances. It makes absolutely no sense. What makes less sense is that girls believe them. Haha. So who is really the worst in this situation? I have no idea.

P.P.S. The previous hypothetical situation has not happened to me recently and is not (really) the cause of said post. But feeling so angry and frustrated brings up other past feelings of anger and frustration, which then causes me to do something just as typical to girls as lying is to boys: Holding grudges and bringing up past things and freaking out over nothing. But alas, even recognizing that fact does not change that I am feeling these feelings and feeling a little frustrated. I did my good deed by editing my post. Now I am complaining and feeling somewhat justified.
Oh the joy that is male vs. female.



Francesca said...

Print out a picture of the person, draw on a moustache and whatever else you like, tape it to a punching bag, and happy punching!

Seriously, though, I really hope and pray things get better for you!

Sarah said...

Boys lie. Men do not. You will find your man when you least expect it. Sorry to say, it won't be right now. You need the boys out of your system. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. Good luck!

Lyrax said...

Dear Citizen of Venus -

Telling the truth is hard. Your race is composed of very intimidatingly beautiful persons, and we are often afraid that the truth will not be good enough.

This is not an excuse. We Martians are not taught to enjoy deception, nor are we particularly skilled at it. In fact, those of us who truly reach maturity generally abhor it. Nor do I hope you will ever condone and reward this sort of behavior; I do not. But I do hope you will understand that our motives are generally quite straightforward.

We desire your approval. Your love, your affection, and your tender care. Those of us who have not yet reached their full maturity will do stupid things in their efforts to obtain it.

Take heart. I'm certain you will meet one of our finer examples soon, and I can only pray that you do not hold your previous experiences against him.

A Citizen of Mars

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