Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haha Brooke is going to kill you

For that picture. And I'll probably help dispose of your body for saying I'm wearing your old pajama tops. (which is a total lie, first of alllll....) If one of us is guilty of wearing the other's pajamas, we both know who that is. :cough:cough: YOU :cough:. I'm glad you're unpacking, though, so it stops looking like a transient is living in your car out front. And to wear your clothes. And so you stop wearing my pajamas and jeans everyday. Thank you.

I'd like to share a story:
Once upon a time (yesterday), we took a family outing to the dog park.
When I say 'family' outing, I mean that literally. Mom, Kristina, myself, Dad and Tucker all went to the dogpark.
(Haha we're so weird! And awesome. SCHROEDER POWER. [O'Doyle RULES] hahahaha I am in suuuch an obnoxious mood.)
There were so many cute dogs there! There was Bentley the Jackuahuah and Sassy with her pearl necklace (I can't remember what her real name was, and she looked like her name should've been Sassy, so whatever). And then there was this little white dog with brown patches who nobody seemed to want to be friends with.
He came over to Kristina and tried to snuggle up, so she reached down and pet him for a minute. She then recalled that the owner of that little white and brown dog had JUST been freaking out about him rolling in poop.
And it turns out he wasn't really a brown and white dog at all...just a white dog with poopy markings.
So Kristina's hand smelled like dog poop until we got home and she washed it.
The end.
P.S. I'm pretty sure I had lots of fun at the dog park yesterday with my family and it made me wish that Brooke and Nikki+Sam and the girls had been there, too. (I'm excited to see you this weekend, Brooke!! yay!)

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Arica said...

oh you girls! this playful banter is cracking me up! literally, you had me laughing outside of my body a minute ago. you guys are awesome. thank heaven for sisters! seriously..

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