Monday, September 21, 2009

Unnecessary Quotes

I've already talked about some of my "pet peeves" on this blog, which I probably shouldn't have because now I'm all "paranoid" about my grammar on here. Haha. :) Silly.

Anyway I found this "website" and I think it is really funny. This isn't a particular pet peeve of mine but "apparently" it was a big enough deal that this guy decided to start a "blog" about it.

Here's a few samples. He also has sassy commentary under each one, which is probably the best part. Check out the site for those gems.

Probably not the highest quality gas for your car.

"Delivery" wink wink

Haha.This one could have been on purpose.

Anyway, check it out.

I love the internet. 



Suz said...

HA HA HA! This is a pet peeve of mine also. And even worse is when people add quotations in a verbal conversation with their hands (like on Friends.)

Aaron's grandma addresses all birthday cards with the person's name in quotations...not sure why.

Lissy said...

Ha "ha" This makes me think of another hilarious site. Check out Cake Wrecks. My all time favorite is the Lenin cake:
Seriously, what occasion calls for a "Lenin Cake?" Make sure you don't miss the captions.

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