Monday, September 28, 2009


In my recent missionary-mindedness, I have been searching for good books, talks, songs, etc. about missionary work, preparation, and all of that.

(Any suggestions? I'd love some.)

This is so not like the other things I've found, but just as awesome. Most of the books and things I've read have brought tears to my eyes, and this video is no different - although for COMPLETELY different reasons.

Jason Cassel, you are a genius. 

Here are the lyrics:

Hey there Delilah, what's it like at BYU?
I'm just a quarter mile away, but feel so far away from you,
But that will do,
Cuz two years from now Ill be with you,
I know that's true.

Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about the distance,
Few more months and I can call you both on Mothers' Day and Christmas.
Close your eyes,
Then just think of suits and ties,
But not other guys.

Cuz, you said you'd wait for me,
O, you said you'd wait for me,
O, I'm at the MTC,
O, I'm at the MTC, at the MTC.

Now have some patience and don't think of dating Conner,
Cuz two more years you may be done with school,
But I'll return with honor.
I cant wait,
Just two more years till our next date,
It will be great.

Oh when you told me I was the love of your life,
And I just held you close and kissed you just like I'll kiss my wife.
We said goodbye,
And I gave you my favorite tie,
There's no need to cry.

Cuz, you said you'd wait for me,
O, you said you'd wait for me,
O, I'm at the MTC,
O, I'm at the MTC, at the MTC.

There were RMs who made fun of me and said you'll never wait for me,
To them I say oh ye, of little faith.
Cuz we've been dating for two months and I think that that's long enough,
To know someone enough to feel this way.
I carry your picture with me and talk about you constantly,
I'm driving my companion insane,
And you're to blame.

Woke up this morning, checked the mail right at dawn,
And just believe me girl how shocked I was to read those words,
Dear John, I think were through,
I meet a guy better than you,
Go ahead and cry if you want to,
Sincerely Delilah, missing you,
P.S. We're through.

O, you didn't wait for me,
O, you didn't wait for me,
O, you didn;t wait for me,
O, and I'm only at the MTC, at the MTC

Haha. Love it. 


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Katie said...

OH I needed a good laugh today- thanks for sharing

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