Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am too tired to write a coherent post. This is what I'm thinking: 

- Donny Osmond is hot. Still.
- I can't believe I rear-ended someone this morning. Ugh. I don't even want to tell the story

- I hope I get to start wearing my scrubs soon. 
- How can dancers wear so little clothing and do such crazy moves but still not have all their body parts flying everywhere?
- I wonder what Nikki decided about the waxing dilemma. Maybe I should just read her blog to find out. But I'm too tired.
- I haven't really snuggled/kissed someone in a long time. You'd think that shouldn't really matter but I miss it and feel a little angsty. 
- That burrito was delicious but I want some ice cream. Or a chocolate blast from Baskin Robbins
- Our blog kind of sucks lately. Calee should clearly be the one that takes the blame. Clearly.
- I should probably blog about my weekend and how incredible it was. But what if all of my boyfriends find out about each other? Hahahaha. Juuuust kidding. Remember the snuggle/kiss thought? Nothin happening. Promise. 
- I saw Jan's family this weekend and it made me realize that I miss them and our friends almost more than I miss him. 
- Instead of bad constants with happy moments, I have had a very very awesome few weeks of CONSTANT happy with a few bad moments. Pretty sweet.
- My job is incredible. I lucked out big time. They told me today I am way better than the girl I replaced. However, all I know about her is that she would visit graveyards in her freetime for fun.   ... okay. 
- I am sad Brooke can't blog about michael gump anymore.

- I would like to have a husband. Ha ha. I am so mormon. But for real.

... I need to stop now. Beginning to cross the weird line. Okay I crossed it a long time ago. Hush! You're the one reading this of your own free will! Who's the weird one now? 


1 comment :

Lissy said...

I like your brain - I must be weird too :) Totally know the missing the kissing feeling, from way back when.. I once accidentally kissed a boy I didn't want to kiss because of it. True Story. Watch yourself - that's a hard one to explain to a guy. :)

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