Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The happs

I don't have time really to blog. Here are my random recent photos from my phone.

The rainbow that God made just for me. I was having a lousy day and He knew I needed it.

This is the story I have definitely been avoiding telling you. We may or may not have run out of gas 3/4 of a mile from St. George. A kind old man with brand new knees picked us up from the side of the freeway and told us he didn't have to watch conference now since he did a good deed.

Cute cute Tucker with his head out the window. He stands up on the seat so he can reach, because if I open it any wider he will jump away to freedom and certain death.

Miss the Pads already. The Dodgers? Really???? Ugh sometimes I hate baseball.

Okay. Back to work for Kristina. Have a good day friends. Did you find my prince yet?

-- Post From Kristina's iPhone

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