Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm a Damsel in Distress

Everyone goes through different phases. Usually I am really independent, strong-willed, probably even stubborn, etc. Especially being now-single, my initial reaction was to be a bit of a man-hater and be on my own and fine on my own for a long while.

That phase did not last long.

I am officially in damsel in distress mode. I want a big handsome prince to come save me from my misery and sweep me off my feet. So random. So retarded. So completely taking over my brain.

I even had a dream about it last night. One of my Provo man friends was in my dream, literally sweeping me off my feet and saying romantic things and whispering sweet nothings about commitment. For real.

We may have even shared a cheesey love movie kiss as we rode off into the sunset. I had to laugh at myself this morning as I texted him the story and told him that unfortunately we wouldn't ever be able to kiss in real life now as it would only be a disappointment after the moment we shared in my subconscious last night.

Moral of the story: I have completely lost my mind. I mean seriously, sandman? That's the kind of dream you are placing in my brain right now? I am so special.

But if you happen to know any handsome princes, send them my way.

I'm dead serious right now.


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Rachel said...

I know of a handsome prince that you might be interested in and I actually talked to him about you. He's an recent RM, sweet, funny, sarcastic and has a goofy laugh that makes you laugh. He's free this week... interested? FB message me your #. I'll hook you up:)

Lyrax said...

I might know one or two in your area... but I find I enjoy meeting my own damsels, and perhaps you're the same way about your princes.

Jenni said...

read this a few years ago when i was going through a bad breakup and it made me feel happy :)

"And maybe, just maybe, her heart needed to be broken. Broken and shattered and stomped into pieces. Then she could finally look down at the pieces, study each one and spend some time getting to know the person she’d become. And when she finally had all the pieces back together again, a little crooked, a little jumbled but sealed firmly with love, she’d realize she was more beautiful than ever. Because this time, she would love herself."

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