Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jolly Good!!

Forthcoming: A Jolly Good Time in the UK
Let The Countdown Begin

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I had to take my alphabet soup post down because poor Jan was getting harassed for it.

:( Sad.

Sorry sorry sorry. That was my bad.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love my phone.

I just got a blogging app on my phone and I am in love. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from me now, and see a lot more typos. :) Either way, I am excited.

It was a hard weekend and as much as I usually hate Mondays, I'm excited for tomorrow to come around. So keep your fingers crossed for me! Fresh start.

Brooke has been staying with me and has not disappointed with the ridiculousness and hilarity. She and her man have almost reached Nikki and Sam sappy status, and it's actually pretty cute. We call him Droopy Drew. I called him Jake yesterday. Woops.

Anyway, that's my news for today. Blogger on my phone. Awesome awesome.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, April 20, 2009

Maybe you'll like it.

Today I was talking to a... 'friend' (??) who was bummed about work. So I decided to cheer him up. I was so impressed with myself - haha - for coming up with a little story so quickly that I am posting it here for your reading pleasure.

You probably won't think it's that funny, but I thought it was amusing :)

want me to tell you a funny story or a joke?
Once upon a time, there was a dog named...
Flarf was a poodle.
Sometimes other dogs would tease him and call him Barf, and that always made him sad.
One day, Flarf was walking down the street and he found a magic lamp!
he was so excited that he let out a happy yelp!
when he sniffed it, a genie popped out!
"Hey!" said the genie, "You're a dog! I don't grant wishes to dogs..."
"Hi! My name is Flarf," said Flarf.
"...your name is 'Flarf'?..." asked the genie.
"Wow. Maybe you deserve a wish or two, buddy," said the genie.
"Oh that's great!" said Flarf, as he happily wagged his little puffy-poodle tail.
"So..."said the genie,"...what is it that you want?"
"Well..." Flarf thought and thought. 'My life's not so bad', he thought to himself, 'What do I want?'
"I'd like to be named Bob."
"But Flarf if so original," said the genie sarcastically,"wouldn't you rather keep it something different?"
Flarf was convinced. "You're right. I want my name to be Toboggan instead."
The genie just shook his head. "Whatever. It's your name. AbrrrraaacadAAAHBRA!"
Toboggan pranced around happily. "Woo! I love it!"
"Ok, Flar- I mean, Toboggan. What next?" asked the genie.
" about a girlfriend?"
"Yeah," said the genie,"you probably need all the help you can get in that department. Good wish."
'Especially with a name like 'Toboggan'', he thought to himself.
"Girlfriend coming up...abbbbraaaCADABRA!"
and POOF!
There stood a silvery weimeraner in all her shiny glory
"Where the heck am I??" she barked.
"YESSSS! She's HOT." said Toboggan.
"You're Toboggan's new girlfriend," said the genie.
"Who the F is Toboggan??" cried the weimeraner.
"Me, ba-BAY." said Toboggan.
"You've got to be kidding me." she said, obviously unimpressed.
"Nope. You're lucky day, right??" said Toboggan.
"Um..." she started to say, but was cut off by the genie.
"Ok, this is getting lame. Cory has to get back to work. Make your last wish already."
Toboggan looked at himself, looked at the weimeraner, and knew in a second the only other thing he wanted.
"We need a sweet place to call home. Make it happen, genie."
and POOF!
There they were, in the front yard of a little house.
"Wow!" said the weimeraner.
Calee walked out of the house.
"Aww! Puppies!"
Tucker, always wanting new friends, came running out.
"Hey guys! Come in! Want to play? Want to run around? Can I eat your ears? Can I lick your face? Can you play for a long time? Can you play forever? Want to live here? Want to sleep in a pile later? Huh? Want to? Want to??"
Corbee* came around from the back, covered in leaves and dirt from working in the yard.
"That poodle is ugly. And it has a dumb name. The weimeraner can stay, though."
Calee frowned.
"Poor puppy. He DOES have a dumb name. Let's rename him."
So they called him Lucky.
And they all lived happily ever after.

That's all.

*name has been changed.

Have a good day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry, Wags. Apparently me not being there for you had required you to reach out to everyone else for help rather than just asking me. My bad.

Here is the update on the life of Kirstina. (Said in Calee's weird little voice when she says kirstina.)

1. My Oxford application has been in for two weeks now. Will I hear anything? Who knows. I'm supposed to know if I got an interview or not by the end of this month.

2. Work is awesome/terrible. It's so fun but definitely hard and easy to get discouraged. I'm not sure who even knows this, but I'm smack in the middle of starting a software company. A good friend of mine owns it and is providing the money, another partner of ours is developing the product, and I am doing everything else. Talk about stressful, eh? It is awesome but really draining, in all senses of the term. Most days are really great and exciting, but some, like today, are just discouraging and frustrating. Oh well! Tomorrow I'll start again.

3. All of my friends are moving on with their lives and it's forcing me to figure out what I'm doing now. Ha ha. Ashley and Steph are getting married (so flipping soon!) and Kristen just got her mission call to Mongolia (for real). Our little bubble of the last 4 years is about to burst and it makes me excited for them but really sad overall. :(

4. Brooke and I are moving in together in a few weeks. We have two extra rooms and no roommates, which kind of sucks but is kind of sweet. Anyone looking for somewhere to go? We are extremely cool. And I make good food. And Brooke says hilarious things. Not too shabby of a situation.

5. I love playing the piano. That's not really an update, but I love it. I got to play in my parents' ward on Sunday and it wasn't half-bad! Minus the page-turning fiasco.

6. I got an office at work! This may not seem exciting to you, but it is thrilling to me! I've been listening to construction on this thing for the last few months and it is so exciting to have it all finished and painted and decorated and all my stuff moved in! Woo hoo! So exciting.

7. I don't really have anything else to put here. Sorry friends, blog quota reached.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help me.

Sooo...there are links to other people's pages on the side of this blog...Kristina put them all there.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADD MORE LINKS!! I'm constantly using Arica's blog (which I stalk frequently) to stalk other people, and I've just had enough.

I'm ready to figure it out. Well, actually, I'm ready for you to tell me how I do it. Haha.

So...please? Ready? Set? Go.

thank yoooooooooouuuuuuuu xoxo :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Make a Difference

Once upon a time, I had a friend who had a dream about helping people.

Dreams can come true :)

Help them help others.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Confused.

1. Why doesn't Kristina EVER blog? She's done with all her fancy-schmancy, time-consuming applications...sooo....

2. How are snails born? Are they born with shells on? Or are baby snails born as slugs? I'm pretty sure snails and slugs are different animals. Do snails lay eggs, then? Tiny eggs with tiny snail-shelled-babies inside??

3. How is it possible that there are ZERO calories in my Diet Doctor Pepper??

Thoughts, anyone?

Random Things I Love

1. Sandwiches. I think they're probably my favorite thing to eat. ATC with peppercinis, tomato, mustard, onion...or tuna melts...meatball on occasion... Haha...I guess it's a little telling that they're the first thing on my list...I may or may not be a tiny bit hungry at the moment...

2. Voicemail from Taylen & Ryah. <--...Ok, not JUST the voicemail - I mean, they're pretty adorable in person, too. Since they live FOREVER away, though, the messages they leave are particularly sweet! So cute. I love my family.

2. (tied for #2) Sisters. I'm glad that we can talk to each other. Sometimes one sister more than the others...just depending on the situation. Thanks for listening and giving your advice. And for loving me. (p.s. don't be mad that you came AFTER sandwiches on this list, please. they're just so tasty...and I'm so hungry at the moment...)

3. Water. Water is awesome. Especially free water. Thank you, Certe, for paying Sparkletts to come and leave jugs of water in the office so I can feed the plants, make myself hot chocolate, and have something refreshing to drink with my sandwiches :)

4. Tucker. His little mustached face smothering me in the morning when he wants me to get up & take him on a walk is precious (albeit annoying at first). I love that he's such a cuddle bug, always wants to be with people (he's so friendly!), loves to play, etc... His peppy little attitude reminds me that each day is a great day to be alive & I'm thankful for him being a constant remind of that.

5. Narcotics. Pain/Crazy/Whiny/Sleepy/Crabby/Hilarious. That's all.

6. Potential. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a different path than I ever imagined I'd be on at this point in my life. I've spent a decent amount of time being scared of it, being angry at it, being sad because of it. But lately I've felt this pull...curiosity, I guess you could call it. Like on Pocahontas where she sings that song 'Just Around The River Bend' - ya know? 'I feel it there beyond those trees, or right behind this waterfall...can I ignore the sound of distant drumming?' Something good is coming. Maybe it's just summer :) You can't help but feel happy in San Diego during summer.

7. Education. I am getting a killer deal on school right now...and I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to finish my degree without accruing a gigantic pile of debt. Thank you, Dad.

8. Leftovers. Cold spaghetti. Cold pizza. Cold french fries. Cold burritos. Once again with the hunger thing.

9. Things that grow. Plants. Baby snails. Tucker - who likes to eat snails. :gross:

10. Philadelphia rolls.

11. Worship music. Any & all kinds.

12. Brains. A surprising number of people in this world suffer from a lack of brains. I love brains, though, and wish more people felt the same.

13. Friends. If you're reading this, and you're in the area and you want to hang out just call or text me. We'll get some food. Like a sandwich...or a Philadelphia roll. It'll be awesome!

Love Love Love to all of you! Make it a great one :)

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