Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry, Wags. Apparently me not being there for you had required you to reach out to everyone else for help rather than just asking me. My bad.

Here is the update on the life of Kirstina. (Said in Calee's weird little voice when she says kirstina.)

1. My Oxford application has been in for two weeks now. Will I hear anything? Who knows. I'm supposed to know if I got an interview or not by the end of this month.

2. Work is awesome/terrible. It's so fun but definitely hard and easy to get discouraged. I'm not sure who even knows this, but I'm smack in the middle of starting a software company. A good friend of mine owns it and is providing the money, another partner of ours is developing the product, and I am doing everything else. Talk about stressful, eh? It is awesome but really draining, in all senses of the term. Most days are really great and exciting, but some, like today, are just discouraging and frustrating. Oh well! Tomorrow I'll start again.

3. All of my friends are moving on with their lives and it's forcing me to figure out what I'm doing now. Ha ha. Ashley and Steph are getting married (so flipping soon!) and Kristen just got her mission call to Mongolia (for real). Our little bubble of the last 4 years is about to burst and it makes me excited for them but really sad overall. :(

4. Brooke and I are moving in together in a few weeks. We have two extra rooms and no roommates, which kind of sucks but is kind of sweet. Anyone looking for somewhere to go? We are extremely cool. And I make good food. And Brooke says hilarious things. Not too shabby of a situation.

5. I love playing the piano. That's not really an update, but I love it. I got to play in my parents' ward on Sunday and it wasn't half-bad! Minus the page-turning fiasco.

6. I got an office at work! This may not seem exciting to you, but it is thrilling to me! I've been listening to construction on this thing for the last few months and it is so exciting to have it all finished and painted and decorated and all my stuff moved in! Woo hoo! So exciting.

7. I don't really have anything else to put here. Sorry friends, blog quota reached.



Rachel said...

Wait, wait, wait. You just got an office at an awesome and challenging job and you are applying to Oxford? Is Oxford the hope of something better? With someone better? Is that cute doctor still in your life? So many questions:) Congratulations on starting real life. After so much school with the same great girls it must be a little scary.

Kristen said...

i know...our little bubble is bursting in t-minus 6 days. craziness....

and that is exciting about your office! i didn't know that :)

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