Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Confused.

1. Why doesn't Kristina EVER blog? She's done with all her fancy-schmancy, time-consuming applications...sooo....

2. How are snails born? Are they born with shells on? Or are baby snails born as slugs? I'm pretty sure snails and slugs are different animals. Do snails lay eggs, then? Tiny eggs with tiny snail-shelled-babies inside??

3. How is it possible that there are ZERO calories in my Diet Doctor Pepper??

Thoughts, anyone?


Kristina said...

ha ha. i'm sorry! i've been so busy. and sick. bleh.

i'm coming home so soon though! are you so excited?

Arica said...

hahaaha. you know, i think snails are born with the shells. you know how thin they are? they're like a jumbo fingernail. which is gross. i think snails are disgusting. i think i'd rather step in dog poo than squish and break a snail shell. eww.

and 3 cheers for diet soda!! haha.

Calee said...

KRISTINA! I am sooo excited! WEEEee! :) Please come home soooon so we can playyy!

P.S. Arica - I looked it up & you're right! Born WITH the shell! 5 Points for you!

Erin said...

I don't know how baby snails are born, but I found the following baby snail controversy through Google, and it pretty much rocked my world.

And I know your the way, if I seem a wee strangerish to you.

And seriously, this is funny:

Melody said...

can you say, weird obsession with snails?? :)

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