Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Happenings

Merry Christmas from Kristina & Calee and our adorable blog!! Weee! Here are some high quality photos from my blackberry which document some of our Christmas frivolities. Enjoy.

Here's Tucker eating wrapping paper, tape, stocking candies and pretty much everything else he shouldn't be eating all while wearing ridiculously cute doggie pajamas and trying to snuggle while we wrap presents for Bear, Bug & Mo.
(p.s. thanks Mom for the cute Paul Frank pj's!)
I walked out into the living room and heard Kristina laughing really hard. Apparently Tucker had climbed onto her chest while she was reclining on a quick present-wrapping-break and was just standing there staring at her. He didn't move as I walked past to grab my phone, knelt down to take the picture, laughed, called him...he just stood there. Staring at her. I think someone needed some attention...
Shaun and I were playing Wii and Tucker thought it would be a good idea to use Shaun's shoulder as a pillow. He fell into such a deep slumber, however, that he started slowly sliding down his chest...this is him 100% unconscious...front legs dangling off the couch, little puppy head and chest on Shaun. Haha I wish I would've gotten a side shot, too - it was so funny.

I thought I'd include a picture of my mortal nemesis - the dreaded DESK CANDY. We currently have some raspberry creme Hershey Bliss squares (these taste every so subtely like crayons smell...delicious), mint Hershey kisses, and peanut butter, fudge and carmel filled Christmas bell chocolates. I won't even begin to guess how many of these I've consumed today alone. ick/yum.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas & have a GREAT New Years! I can't wait for my family to be together again in a few weeks for Nikki & Sam's wedding! Yay yay yay!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm just about finished with my Christmas shopping - although Calee's present still requires some work/thought. It started as a good idea but I'm concerned it won't end that way. 

Today I went to Fry's and stared at the fish. Then to Nordstrom Rack where I waited 30 minutes to buy one little thing. Which I just typed but then deleted because the recipient reads this, and it is not Christmas yet. The lady kept apologizing and apologizing for making me wait so long but I wasn't angry at all. Why do we get angry at waiting in line, or sitting in traffic? I don't really know. I've been that person before, though, and my non-angry waiting was a much more pleasant experience today. 

Target was nice, too. Although I bought something I was really happy about only to find that it was the wrong size for what it's for. Yet another return before present-opening even begins! Disappointing.

Did you know that 7 sweet potatoes cooked and mashed will only yield about 5 cups? I learned that today. For some reason it was surprising to me. Nobody at the ward party noticed - they gobbled up my sweet potatoes so fast that I didn't even get any. We sang, too. And Calee hit the high note that she was scared of and I was happy for her, and again, not surprised.

I want to sleep but my insides hurt. Literally and figuratively. I am jealous of Ashley's happy pregnant state because she doesn't have to deal with this for another 9 months. 

and I haven't heard from you. And I haven't reached out, either. Because I'm really tired of you. I bet you didn't think that could happen, huh? Me neither. Falling out of love sucks.

Our blog is in desperate need of a make over. It is too too busy. It makes my head hurt. I don't know how to fix it though.

I'm not going to sleep but the laptop sitting on my body is not pleasant right now. At least Mom will have something to read at 3 in the morning when she can't sleep. Hi Mom. See you bright and early for choir practice. I hope I don't mess up on the piano. 

7 more sleeps till Christmas.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Day:

Please stop dragging. I understand that you have to keep to a schedule (the whole 24-hour rule or whatever) but cannot tell me that I've only been awake for two hours?! You're OBVIOUSLY prolonging yourself. Have you forgotten what tomorrow is??

I'm only going to ask you one more time, and then we're going to be in a fight: start flying by. Whizzing, even. These past couple weeks have been crazy and full of bizarre stressful things, and I need equilibrium restored. I need to remember what it feels like to feel normal, and have things in their proper order. If you could talk Life into making sense again, I'd appreciate that, too. (I'm pretty sure you and Life hang out, right?)

Anyways. If you and Life and Fate could come together to make tomorrow get here faster, I'd appreciate it. I need a little more of this guy in my life:

Scratch that. I need a LOT more of him in my life. Right. Now.
Think you can handle that?
Thanks :)
xoxo - Calee

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out

Dating is so ridiculous. Remember that phase a while ago where I was wanting a knight in shining armor really badly? The lonely part of me still wants a husband. But I would honestly rather hurl my body off a cliff than start looking for one right now.

I think it's kind of funny that mr. football is a dating machine up in Provo and I am avoiding it like the plague. That probably sums up our two varying experiences with our relationship.

Anyway. I have a story about how annoying dating is. I hope this poor kid doesn't read my blog: 

I was set up by a friend. Actually a friend of my sister's. And she didn't even really know this boy very well, or me very well - but she thought it would be a good match. It was right during all of the Jan-drama, so it took a while for us to actually start talking. But start talking we did - mainly via facebook.  

After quite a bit of planning, we finally figured out a time to go out. He knew I was pretty fragile from the whole situation, and was pretty open about being okay with that. We went out. It was fine. A little forced and uncomfortable sometimes, but welcome to first dates, right? Right. I patted myself on the back for actually going out.

Texting ensued, which was nice. Sometimes you just need somebody to say nice things to you every once in a while! I appreciated it. Then he wanted to hang out again but things just kept not working out. We finally made tentative plans... but my sister came into town unexpectedly. I canceled. He FREAKED out. Like, called me on the phone to "talk about things." It was a smidge confrontational. I was more than a smidge confused of why on earth we were having this conversation when we had only gone on one date, and my sister was here. Is there really a question there of who I'm going to hang out with? 

... A few weeks pass. We text here and there, but I am busy with the stresses of things here and I'm already forcing myself to try and be social as it is, so not a lot of other plans are made. 

Then last night he tells me on facebook that I didn't answer his text he sent me this weekend. I apologized, and figured it was probably during one of the many hours that my mother was feverishly playing bejeweled on my phone. Did I tell him that? No. Why do I have to explain things like that to somebody I barely know? 

Then instead of asking how my day was, or whats new, he asks if I am "ready to date". Um whooa. Really? I say "No." Ha ha. This is my 'cool-dating' filter I was telling you guys about earlier. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask the question. 

He kind of laughs it off, tells me he appreciates my honesty, and then asks "Do you like talking to me?" Um. How do I answer that? I told him he was a little too intense for me sometimes and our conversations tend to stress me out. Haha seriously I did. 

He proceeds to freak out at me some more. Uh, bro, didn't you just tell me you appreciate honesty? No...? Oh okay.

He even at one point went on a tirade and then said "BYE" right in the middle of it. I said, I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings. I'll talk to you later. ..hoping that was the end.

But no.

He comes back and wants to have a normal conversation after that, now that I am still talking to him after the fit he threw. What in the world? I told him that having conversations like this was weird to me when we've only been on one date. And that he stresses me out. And I'm sorry if that bothers him. 

So then he asks about work, and chats like things are normal. Tells me he has to go and says "sorry for the creeper status earlier. i'll work on it. night night!"

...uh. Night?

........................................................... I am going to stay single forever. It's decided.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

we will, we will, stalk you.

Dear Friends:

Please start blogging more frequently. IMMEDIATELY. I'm really starting to question whether we're on the same level of commitment to blogging or not, people. Do you want me to start out-blogging you? How embarrassing.

I hate to make demands, but more pictures of your adorable babies would really spice things up. I'd also like to read more stories about your holiday plans, your ridiculous husbands (or wives), in-laws, out-laws, pets, etc.

I'm getting tired of no new posts. Working over time? Family in town? STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

Sorry if I sound harsh - but tough love is in order. I only say these things to help you become the bloggers I knew you can be.

Soooo I'll be ramping up my stalkerage starting tomorrow. Don't disappoint me.

Love, Calee

Monday, December 14, 2009

we are here We Are Here WE ARE HEEEERE

Haha terrifying animated film trivia.

And Kristina - Missy Elliot. Shameful. And to think you're being published in the New Era. Tsk TSK!

haha jk I love Missy.

Anyways. I just thought I'd blog real quick and let you all know that I am still alive. I know, you were worried about it weren't you. It's 7:30pm on Monday night and I'm NOT AT FHE. Go ahead, judge me. I had to come back to the office to make sure I had turned off my space heater so my maintenance man wouldn't chop me into tiny bits tomorrow morning for leaving it on. (Our candle heater was accidently left on over the weekend and I thought his brain might explode this morning as he related how irate it made him. wow.)

The good news is - I remembered to turn it off before I left :) The bad news? I'm not sure I have enough gas to get to the station anymore. At least the office won't burn down. I could always just hitch hike. There are all kinds of friendly drivers on the I-15, right?

Tucker has horrendous gas and has been throwing up today. Poor guy. It's really not his fault that we all feed him whatever we're eating. I think he actually eats the majority of every meal I eat at home. (I bet Kristina is REALLY offended right now reading this and is probably yelling at the screen "I DON'T FEED HIM ANYTHING! I LOVE HIM MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS FAMILY DOES! ::to Tucker:: Don't I, buddy? Yeah...we're friends." Seriously. I bet someone $100.00 that she just said that EXACT phrase. I win. Send me your money.)

Other than that...I love Ashlynd Wilson. She's my new assistant in the office. Well, not NEW new anymore...but she's great. I love how sweet she is. Maybe the sweetest person I've ever met. Not a mean bone in that girl's body.

And I wish someone would buy my truck without me having to work on selling it. Haha. But seriously. Anyone want a 2001 Nissan Frontier? It's really cute...yellow, super clean, with a rack thing on the top and four doors...runs great. I'm the second owner. Non smoker. 100+ miles. Blue books for $6000....I'd sell it for $5500...obo...leave the B.O. at home, though please... :)

looooooooooooooooooove xoxo Caleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

Copywritten, so... don't copy me.

Song trivia. Actually it's a super inappropriate song. Let's forget I said anything. ((How did we listen to that stuff in high school and not get how bad the lyrics were? Or was that just me? Oblivious, much?))

Last week I got home and there was a fat letter for me from the church sitting on the counter. I was feeling a little confused/scared/excited/idon'tevenknowwhatemotionitwas. My mom pointed it out and asked me if I had been working on mission stuff without telling her. Of course not! Actually for all of you waiting on a mission update, I really don't think it is going to happen. A lot a lot went into that... but the bottomline is that I just feel really hesitant to make that decision. So. That's that. Maybe it will change in the future. I'm definitely going with the hubby one day, but possibly the single-sister mission isn't out of reach just yet. 

Anyway, the answer was no. Which brought me no closer to understanding the contents of this letter. Are you dying of suspense right now? This is what it said:

"Dear Kristina:

We have an Instant Message on file from you entitled "Standing up in History." We would like to print your article in the March 2010 issue of the New Era. A check for $25.00 will be mailed to you upon return of the attached agreement. If this is acceptable, please return the agreement within 30 days."

And then it continues on to explain copyright laws and publication regulations. 


This instant message they are talking about? A two-paragraph story I wrote for a mutual activity - TEN YEARS AGO. I still have it actually, because it was all scrap-booked and cute. I remember having my feelings pretty hurt that they didn't publish it! But I figured our leaders never actually sent them in, they just told us that. The date on it? Seriously - 1999. 

Way to be on top of that, guys. 

They sent me a copy of the story and it is maybe 8 sentences long. Not cool in any little tiny way. It is so lame and boring. They want me to send pictures for when they publish it. 

Ha ha. Oh man. I am still laughing about it. For some reason it just tickled my funny bone. I think it's hilarious. 

So make sure to look for a picture of my 12-year-old self next year in the magazine. I'm definitely not sending a current photo, you can bet your bum. Walking out of class when the teacher turned on an R rated movie probably won't go over so well when they realize I'm a BYU student. Oh my BYU-grad. I am old. And $25 richer. And published. 


P.s. I'll sign your New Era next March, if you're lucky.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

This week

I had an unfortunate event happen with a coworker. I'm not angry with her, nor angry at my boss. But sadly, some personal boundaries of mine were crossed and I will not subject myself to further abuse by continuing to work with her.

We had a mediation yesterday, where my boss sat down with the two of us and tried to work things out. It's sad to see a fully-grown woman maintain such nastiness and stubbornness that she can't even participate in an exercise to find a solution without resorting to name-calling and finger-pointing. My boss was trying to be neutral beforehand, but the blatant bad behavior and mistreatment that happened in front of her own eyes changed that. She was in total shock at the way things happened, especially right in front of her. She could only imagine how it was the day she was gone. She gave me a hug, apologized for nasty lady's behavior, and told me to go home so I didn't have to deal with it anymore.

I feel very sad that it all had to happen at all, and bewildered thinking of what I possibly could have done to avoid such a run-in. 

It's not really part of my nature to just say someone is a nasty person and leave it at that. I don't think she is a nasty person. But she has a very nasty way of handling stress and of treating people. 

Since we planned on this position being temporary at the start of it, I volunteered to be the one to leave so we didn't have to leave this poor woman job-less right before Christmas. Do I still think it would be best for the practice to no longer have her as an employee? Yes, I do. But that's the doctor's decision and I'll be interested to see what they end up doing.

Either way, I will no longer be working there.

Sad week, right? I know. Very draining. I think I will just sleep this whole weekend. And play the piano. I would say a manicure/pedicure/massage... but I'm currently out of a job. So that isn't exactly in my budget. 


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain rain go away

but do not come again another day. 

I have had WAY too much rain this week. I can't handle much more of it. Seriously.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I just got in my car

and this is what I saw:

I'm so sorry, sweet Tucker. I'm sure you are a very sad puppy today without your best bud. We never should've taken him with us yesterday to run errands!

I hope your new squirrel friend is keeping you good company while cow-pig is away.

We will be home soon.

-- Post From My iPhone

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi friends. I'm glad you missed me. Calee, I wanted to give your post the maximum amount of face-time before I blogged over it. I almost blogged over it that day as a joke, but figured you wouldn't think it was funny. :)

Life is terribly wonderful right now. I am super happy and busy but my down moments are getting the tiniest bit longer as the days go on and holidays come and go. I think I've figured out my plan and what I'm doing, but I'll hold off a few weeks before sharing it. Some things are in the works and we will see what happens with that. As a side-note, I may be looking for work! If you know of any openings, (I'm even okay with a little secretary job somewhere - prefer it, actually), then let me know. Either in San Diego or Utah.

Here are some recent iPhone photos for your enjoyment:

I seriously took this because her bum looked cute and I wanted to send a picture to Shaun. Ha ha :) This is in the dressing room at the Poway Performing Arts center before my mom's big show. We sang and it was not as terrible as I thought it would be. So that's something.

We took tucker to Balboa Park for my mom's show, and he started FREAKING out for no reason at one point. I turned around, feeling confused, until I saw this guy.
He is oddly similar-looking to somebody.
... haha. :)
Tucker was so excited and on sensory-overload that day at the park. He saw so many people and smelled so many smells and barked at so many other dogs. It was such a fun day for him. After we got home, he plopped on the couch and slept ALL DAY. Seriously! Our little ball of energy. He is so cute.

The beautiful stage with the cute little kids singing! They were awesome and adorable. Every year Balboa park has a huge event during December with all sorts of booths, food, performers, etc. You also get into museums for free on certain nights! It is sweetness. You should really check it out if you're in SD.

Kara's hair, as I was sitting behind her at the multi-stake choir practice last night. I want mine to do this, but Calee says I need lots of layers. Is my hair too thin for this? I want it. What do you think??
(P.s. The choir is LEGIT. Seriously. The show is going to be so incredible this year. For tickets, go to the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. They are $6 each, there will be two shows on 12/22. I hear there are still good seats available for the 8 o'clock show.)

That's all really. (Calee you need to put up pics of Tuck's bday party.) I don't have much going on right now, besides Christmas presents prep and work, and church stuff. Blah did you see that the vegas bowl is on the 22nd? So much for that. :( Same night as the multi-stake Christmas concert. Bah. I wanted to go.

I can't get this to stop doing center-alignment and it's bothering me.

Anyway. Good to catch up. I missed you. I am in serious need of a distraction or two - so if you have any distractingly-good-looking men, please send them my way. For real.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Kristina

Our blog misses you. It's been almost a week! wth.

Thank you for letting me eat your PF Chang's leftovers (even if I did eat more than you originally intended...).

I think you might have died of hypothermia in the other room...this house is realllllly cold right now. I'm going to go check.

Love, Calee

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

for pickle

This is the video I told you about Nik. I am not a cat fan but I wouldn't mind having this one.

Monday, November 30, 2009


We are having Tucker's birthday party tonight after FHE! 

And Calee is home. 

And I don't work till 11 tomorrow! 

It is a good day.

Look how cute he is right now. Seriously he is sleeping like this. 

... need some attention?


Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, but have been either a) too busy or b) too embarrassed. But the truth will set you free, right? 

My confession is that I have an unhealthy love for Rubios. I'm sure you'll recall my previous posts about how excited I was when one opened in American Fork - I wanted to go all the time. I just love it, it is delicious. Fish tacos, Chicken Big Burritos Especial, the salsa bar, and the best part: vanilla coke in the soda fountain. It's always been a must-have when I come home to visit.

So you can imagine my delight when I found out that my office is located JUST ACROSS THE STREET from one. And so I started going there for lunch... a lot.

At first I was a little embarrassed to be going so much, because I started to recognize the people. But then it didn't seem like anybody was noticing me, and I always was there at lunchtime so there are tons of people and I'm just one of the masses. I would even smoothly switch up what I ordered every time so they wouldn't catch on. I stopped being embarrassed after a while because no one knew. And I didn't go THAT much. ...right? 


Last week I went in, and realized that she gave me my receipt before she asked for my name. I looked down and noticed she had already written my name there - with a K! Not even CH like everyone usually writes. I figured she must've been super sly and looked at my credit card, and I walked over to the soda fountain without thinking anything more about it. 

Until I was filling up my cup with ice and the worker man who was wiping the counter leaned over and said, "Oh, sorry, we are out of Vanilla Coke right now." Before I had made my soda selection!! I felt slightly embarrassed for a moment, but figured it had to be a coincidence. I mean everyone loves Vanilla Coke, right? I'm sure he had been telling everyone that day. 

... and then my heart stopped. Because three workers were approaching me with little smiles on their faces and one had his hands behind his back. It was the perfect storm. All of the little coincidences were suddenly very clearly NOT coincidences at all and I was about to be exposed! I froze in humiliation as they, loudly, informed me (and EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT) that I am their most loyal customer and that they would love to present me with these free meal cards for my unwavering support. "You can use these for next week," said one of them. 


Seriously that SAME day on my way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some chips/drinks for Calee's birthday party, and the lady at the register knew my name and asked how my enchiladas had turned out last week. 

... maaaaaaybe I need to start switching things up a bit. You think?


P.s. Why does blogger put random spacing in all of my posts? On my "compose" section of the blog it looks like even spaces. Then I get out here and it's all weird. And I'm too lazy to fix it. Sorry but not really.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am quite the stressball today. Which makes absolutely no sense because Jan and I aren't even flipping TOGETHER anymore. 

When we were dating, Friday nights were the worst nights ever during the fall. He was locked away in a hotel, and always super focused so our conversations were definitely not enjoyable. I would hardly be able to sleep because my stomach would just be in such crazy knots and the next day I would be so tired and crazy and tense! (Seriously, I would usually try to sleep for a while but then end up watching the Mtn. for most of the night. High quality entertainment there. Not.)

I would joke with him after the game that I was the one that needed a massage because my muscles were sore from being so stressed out. I don't think he thought that was as funny as I did. ha ha :)

Anyway, today is flipping the Utah game. Not only that, but all of those sweet seniors' last time playing at LES. How freaking huge. I am completely in knots today. Shouldn't I be over this? Yes. That's the answer to that question. Am I? Apparently not. 

Thank heavens the season is almost over and I can desist with the nonsense.

GO COUGS! In honor of BYU v. Utah day, please enjoy this photo from BYU v. Utah day 2007. What a different life that was. 


P.s. Happy Birthday sweet Tucker! We will have your birthday party on Monday so Calee can be here. 

P.p.s. Oh and Happy Birthday to No-Name! I was going to write your actual name here but then I remembered Calee made up some schroeder-sisterly-nick-name like the others have. But I can't remember what it is. So...

Speaking of he-who-must-not-be-named, I believe Calee has a fun update to share. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's just me and the parents today - Pickle and Sam will be here later tonight.

I am thankful for my mother on this Thanksgiving. And for the majorly intense game of scrabble we enjoyed on my iPhone this morning while watching the parade.

And for the incredibly awesome word "wavy" that could not have come at a more clutch time. She was killing me the entire game - that word alone? 64 points. WHATS UP. 

... I think she is still mad. :)

BTW - Words with Friends is a legit game on the iPhone. Tell me if you have it so I can battle you. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Miss you wags and boogie!!!! 


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Late. Again.

I was late on Boog's birthday post and now on Waggles. Sorry friends. I don't really consider myself a late person usually. Am I? Weird.

Yes, I did leave flowers and balloons on her car. And I'm glad you couldn't see the writing in the picture because it was not cute and fun it was scrawled and rushed. I only had like 2 seconds to decorate before I had to speed back to work.

... Sorry. 

The good news? Calee is extremely laid back. So she liked it anyway. :)

And now for my what I love about Calee post. In honor of her 21st birthday. Or is it her 22nd? Ha ha. :)

I was going to just write normally, but I will create a list in honor of Calee's favorite blogging style. At least 75% of her posts are a list of some kind. Here is your birthday list:

1. Calee is one positive chick. She has this weird silly giggle that she has had since she was a little little girl and it is awesome. She is just genuinely happy most of the time and is not afraid to guffaw (ha ha! inside joke) and laugh and perhaps even squeal in order to show her delight. It rubs off.

2. You all know this but I have to say it anyway - she has the voice of an angel. At any given moment she will burst into song or sing harmony w/ whatever I am humming. Or perhaps we will spontaneously begin a three-part rendition of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek in the kitchen w/ boog. Who knows? Either way she is awesomely talented and I love that part about her. Every once in a while I will sit at the piano and she will sing and we will jam for a while. Yes I did say jam. Although usually it is some type of EFY arrangement and I'm not sure if that really counts? 

3. She worries about the weirdest things and it just makes me laugh. If any of you know Cal, you know that she has like a supermodel body and is gorgeous and funny and cool - pretty much has everything going for her. But randomly out of no where I'll catch her sniffing herself, or doing a butt check in the mirror, or she'll pull me aside and ask me some random self-conscious question. I'm usually like, "Um. You look like a barbie doll and smell like a flower. And your thighs are not cheesey. And no, I cannot see wrinkles around your eyes, but you are crazy, so that's something." Or something to that effect. It is hilarious that she of all people stresses about that stuff. 

4. She loves to sit on the couch with me and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sometimes. It is so nice. The weird anti-social part of me has really needed that lately, and after a long day at work she is more than willing to oblige. It is delightful, but still entertaining as she makes sassy comments and teaches me to knit. 

5. She is all happy and in love right now and it makes her super pleasant. Ha ha! Not that she isn't always pleasant. But lately she lets everything just slide, compliments everyone, and is always really cheerful and sweet. It makes for a very happy atmosphere in our lovely home. 

6. She has the same weird obsession with Tucker that I have, and it makes me feel slightly less weird. 

7. Let's not forget her own language, as well. Just like mom and dad. Hers consist of "Huh!" "I know, right?" "Hideoderous" hahaha oh my gosh I almost just wrote a few other ones but I think they are way too inappropriate. Sorry. My grandma reads this. Maybe next time.

8. She is a work-out-aholic, like crazy obsessive fitness person, but can put down food with the freaking best of them. She inspired the title of this blog with her constant need for dessert. (She cannot go to a restaurant and not get dessert. When the server asks if you saved room for dessert she looks at them like they are an alien. Saved room? Really? Why would you even need to ask that?) She is obsessed with salty things - ie. french fries, chips, french fries, cheese fries, and more french fries.  And she loves to eat cold left-overs for breakfast. For real.

All list-worthy notes aside, Calee is one of my best friends. We are really different in a LOT of ways, but that just makes it better. I love that we can have our little shared blog here, or at least will have until she bails on me and goes with her man. I'm so thankful that she has been here for me through my horrendous break ups and get back togethers and break up agains. She never thinks I'm being too dramatic or too whiney or too anything - she just understands and lets it go. She and I shared a room her last year and my first year of high school, and I think we formed a bond that year that will never go away. She's one of my favorite people ever in this world and I am just so darn glad that we could celebrate one more year of her awesomeness this week. 

Love you wags.

Let's see if I can pull up some embarrassing growing up pics. 


So bad. I'm sorry for the hideousness. I tried to stop it but I couldn't. 

Love you! 

P.s. I think that picture of us dancing should be our header-pic. Yes?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This morning I went to work because my boss feels like having 30 hours left of sick time this year isn't quite enough to take time off.

I figured it wasn't so bad, right? Slow day. My hair tie snapped and my cute birthday girl hair went flying everywhere. So much for trying to look appealing on my birthday haha.

It's ok though because I met Amber for a smoothie and I ate the first solid food I've had for three days. Panera's Vermont white cheddar mac and cheese goes down nice and smooth, if any of you have sore throats :) mm mm delicious!

Then I met my sweet mom who bought me some cool jewelry from a friend of hers who makes it! I'll post the link to her website later - her stuff is so cute!!! Here's a pic of me wearing mine. (Please remember I've been sick - no judging!!!)

Thanks, mom :)

While I was picking out jewelry - Kristina snuck over from work on her lunch break and left some pretty flowers and balloons on my truck! She wrote on the windows, too, but the picture doesn't show it well. It was really sweet of her :) Haha the GIGANTIC Belle balloon made me laugh. Nice random touch.

I figured since I was able to muscle down mac and cheese at lunch, I could also handle some delicious bundt cake from Everything Bundt Cake! (that's a lot of nuts!! haha) Anyways. Mom got mini cakes so we could have lots of flavors - pumpkin spice, lemon (deLIcious), chocolate chocolate chip, pecan & praline, and white chocolate raspberry (also delicious). She bought more vanilla ice cream, too, because I totally forgot Kristina had JUST picked up some for me the other night haha. Sooo now we have two tubs of low fat vanilla - anybody want some?? It's all yours.

She also made me some lasagna for dinner :) So nice.

Sooo all in all not a bad day.

p.s. my mean boss sent me home early today (not in a nice way. gotta love management.), sooo I went to the DMV and renewed my license and replaced my license plate stickers because some crapmuncher STOLE them. If I were cool I'd link the word 'stole' to my previous blog, buuuut I don't know how to do that. Yay for the DMV.

That place is naaaaasty. For realz.

Love love love to all of you.

And a happy birthday to me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I've been dreading this week for the last 350-and some odd days. I don't care to go into detail, because the dred has not fully passed yet; however, I'm exceptionally thankful for the items listed below during this birthday week:

1. Lidocain. This blessed potion supplies a relief from stinging, burning, horrid pain which only cold sores on top of strep throat can bring. I LOVE LIQUID LIDOCAIN. Seriously, it makes me so happy. Sooo so happy.

2. Antibiotics. Holy moly what did people do back in the day before antibiotics?! I can't imagine continuing to get worse for days before getting better. It's already been FIVE days TOO LONG. So so thankful for antibiotics, and for a Heavenly Father who knew that me and my weak immune system would NEVER make it in a time period without it. Ever.

3. VICODIN. 'nuff said.

4. Sweet friends who call/text to make sure I'm ok. Thank you for being concerned :) Your funny, loving texts have made me so happy!

5. Kristina - thanks for picking up some ice cream for me and for asking me if I need anything - you are really good that way :) I appreciate that a lot. Mom - thanks for letting me eat your yogurt...I hope you're not mad because I'm pretty sure you haven't noticed yet...sooo I'll buy you more...and don't worry, I haven't eaten any of the nasty key lime flavor. I promise.

Here's a picture of my new best friends - haha. Buuuut for real.

I figure Heavenly Father got sick of listening to me freak out about getting older, so He mercifully blessed me with a distraction :) sooo instead of freaking out about THIS and giving Him an opportunity to bless me with ANOTHER distraction, I'll just be thankful for health insurance ($10 perscriptions makes needing four of them much less painful), for sweet nurse practitioners who listen to me cry as I describe the pain and give me intense painkillers to combat said pain, and for pain meds in general.

p.s. if my grammar is awful in this post, I apologize. I may or may not be under the influence of those pain killers....they are awesome in some ways, buuut make thinking clearly a little difficult.

p.p.s. watching The Office with mom is so funny - you should all try it some time :) haha

p.p.p.s. This is the cute little face I woke up to this morning. Barking. At the top of his lungs.

Love him.

Haha I really do, though. We've been snuggling a lot since I've spent so much time in the last few days laying down. It really makes a person feel better when a little cute creature is all cuddled up snoring on them. SO CUTE. I'm going to go snuggle with him right now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This post is not happy.

I've been a bit under the weather for a few weeks now. Noooo fun. Nothing too intense, just a headache that doesn't stop for more than a couple hours at a time, congestion, sore throat here and there, a couple fevers - the basic 'weather is getting colder so Calee feels like crud' yearly happening. (seriously, happens every year...the good news is I'm pretty sure I've qualified to SKIP my Thanksgiving flu tradition based on this last week alone...)

So here's a happy story about me being sick:

Ok, wait. That's a lie. It's not happy. I'm just sick and cranky and thought I'd blog about it to vent a little. Moving on.

Thursday night my throat got sore.
Friday morning I felt like I had something stuck in my throat. Liiike a needle. Or a sharp pointy rock. Or maybe a tiny demon munching away back there. Who knows. I called the doctor to see if I could get in to see him (which takes FOREVER already, heaven help us if Obama gets his health care wishes...) ANYWAYS. I told them my throat had been bleeding a little that morning after I poked it with my finger to see if I could locate the exact place where the pain was coming from. Yes, I did say it was bleeding. Gross, huh? Painful, too.

So I go in, talk to the doc. He does a strep test, although I've had strep before and it doesn't feel like strep to me. He says I have blisters on the back of my throat (joy) and that he's pretty sure they're cold sores. (by the the HECK do I have COLD SORES on my THROAT when I've NEVER even had one on my LIP BEFORE?! WHOOOO KNOWS. Just lucky, I guess.)

Then he comes back a couple minutes later and says that in addition to the blisters on my throat, I have strep throat as well. WOW. So he gives me a prescription for penicillin, tells me to try to get some sleep, and sends me on my merry way.

Fast forward to Monday (today). Wake up in the middle of the night because the pain in my throat is so intense I can't sleep anymore. I'm pretty sure I have an ulcer from the amount of ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc...that I've taken over the last few days. Wait til 8AM. Call the doctor. Wait on hold for 30 minutes (<--not an exaggeration. I checked the call timer. Ridiculous.) Talked to a nurse. I felt like I was in a Brian Regan skit - 'How would you rate your pain?'...

When she asked me if I could touch my chin to my chest, I tried. I could do it on Friday when they asked, even though it really hurt. Today, however, no dice. Tried again. Thought I was going to pass out. She kept asking me if I was doing it yet - and why I couldn't do it after I tried the third time. I don't KNOW, lady!!! IT's JUST NOT WORKING!! Holy beans, people, can I JUST SEE A DOCTOR ALREADY?! Flip.

'My opinion is that you see the doctor today,' said the nurse.

I WANTED to yell: 'REALLY, LADY?? REALLY?! WHO ARE YOU. JUST TELL ME WHEN TO COME IN ALREADY.' -deep breath- I was so frustrated that I may or may not have started crying. AAAH hahaha oooh my gosh. This morning is NOT my morning.

Whew. Sooo now I have an appointment to see a nurse this afternoon - because, apparently, my swollen, blistered, bleeding throat doesn't merit a meeting with my actual DOCTOR.


Thank you, Kaiser. Thank you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

For the record

I did not mean to do that. And I can't be held responsible for the fact that we are so on the same page that we even think about blogging at the same time. Seriously.


And P.s. I even thought about writing about knitting, but thought it would be too weird. So thank you for doing that for me. And I may or may not have sat in my car during my entire lunch making a little progress on my scarf. And I guarantee the faces were happening again, but nobody was there to enjoy them.

It really stresses me out

when I get letters and emails from MBA programs, talking about my GMAT score and letting me know about application deadlines.

It's like I have to face my decision over and over again and it makes my head hurt a little bit.

PLUS - some of the classes I need at Palomar are ALREADY full. And I can't even register yet! Is that so annoying? That stresses me out, too.

And my mission papers are burning a hole in the envelope.

Am I really going to start a 5 year road toward a doctorate degree? I mean really? Right now? I could start an MBA program next fall and be done in two years. Plus I could live in the land of plenty as far as potential husbands go. Or I could just go on a mission and be done. But I've been really leaning away from that decision lately and I don't know why.

These are things I would really like to discuss with the man they will affect for the next few years.

Wait, I don't have one?

... Stress.

Knitting MANIA

The other night Kristina and I were in CRAAAAZY moods and so we decided to do some CRAZY things...

1. Discussing how adorable Tucker is
2. Watching The Office, Greys, SYTYCD, and Oprah. while making and eating scrumptious brownies.

Kristina may or may not have concentrated so hard that we both ended up in tears laughing over the ridiculous face(s) she was making.

Aaaand she's obsessed now. (You're welcome.)

Amber came over last night and we all had a knitting/crocheting party. Tucker even joined in by stealing Amber's hot pink ball of thread and wrapping himself in it like an adorable, mischevious mummy. Mom came limping through the living room and commented how how we all looked like a bunch of old ladies haha :)

p.s. My throat is hurting REALLY badly right now and I've been on hold with the doctor's office for 15 minutes waiting to make an appointment. Really, people? Just tell me what the schedule looks like. It doesn't take you 15 minutes to pull up the calendar. Seriously.

p.p.s. They just told me to go to Urgent Care because it could be serious. This is me having no faith in the medical community and ignoring that piece of advice.

p.p.p.s. If I die because I ignored their advice, I would just like to tell the blogging world how fun last weekend was. I went up to Rexburg and surprised 34 (haha this is my lame attempt to follow in the footsteps of my blogging sisters and their bf nicknaming ways [see: Boy Wonder and Mancandy]) a day earlier than expected! We had breakfast bagels, ate lunch with my grandparents, got sick from the breakfast bagels WHILE eating lunch with my grandparents (Ooohh embarassing...), was saved from freezing to death by his sweet roommate Derek (thank you again for the gloves and hot cocoa) while watching his football team kick booty (thank you BYU-I for tackle football when it's NEGATIVE 50 MILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE), caught up on some TLC, hung out w his sweet sister in SLC, and retouched Brooke's hair with a travel toothbrush and a dish from a girl she lives with who is mean to her. Haha! Oooooh Brooke. Only you. Love love it.

Sooo I may or may not like this boy a lot. Ok...whooo am I kidding? I like him A LOT. A lot a lot. (said in Lindsay Lohan's voice - movie trivia...). And I'm pretty sure he likes me back. Which makes me really, really happy. And I'm singing happy songs. And I get warm inside when I'm around him, and my tongue swells up (movie trivia again :)) haha. Ooo it is enjoyable. This is my favorite part of dating...when everything just seems to fall into place. It's magical. I hope you're all happy, too <3.

The end.

p.p.p.p.s. Ummm SERIOUSLY, Kristina?! I know you didn't REALLY just propose we go our own ways on our BLOG instead of in person. This blog deserves an explanation. After all we've been through?! Apologize immediately.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Re: Blog Wars

Calee, you always blog right after I do! I leave the blog empty for days, giving you the opportunity, and then a few hours after I post - there it is. 

That was a total accident but I'm glad you know how it feels now! 

I didn't think it would happen in a public place like this, 
...but maybe we should consider going our separate ways.


P.S. Utah was awesome. Three straight days with the ladies of Number 3. (With Kristen in our hearts, of course!) It was delightful. Snuggle sessions were just as good, Sunday Dinner was just as good, boy talks were just as good - actually they were much better. The marriage debacle wasn't that bad after all. So good to know.

Thanks Utah, for continuing to deliver on much-needed play time. Although getting on a plane and coming back here felt a little surreal - I don't live there anymore? Weird.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog War

Sooo I got cut off on my last blog by some important phone calls about emergencies or some blah blah like that - totally irritating when I'm TRYING to BLOG, people. Save your emergencies for Saturday when Ashlynd works! (haha jk...I LOVE Ashlynd. She's my new favorite :)).

Anyways. When I reopened our blog page to re-read what I had posted, I was shocked to see that Kristina ONE UPPED me by posting RIGHT after me! Ugh! Now everybody has to SCROLL DOWN to see what I wrote! No fair. Hence me writing a completely new blog instead of just editing my old one. Haha I swear I'm an adult. Sometimes.

7. Shaun: thanks for thinking I'm funny and smart, for killing me at Scrabble but always saying nice things when I make a good play anyways. Thanks for sharing my love of ketchup and for not being too mad when I purposely sent you MY ipod instead of yours back (your music is so much better than mine! sorry...buuut not really. haha!). Thanks for encouraging me to hang out with Amber and have fun while you're gone, even when you choose to opt out of social events to get studying done/plan your next Scrabble move so we can talk on the phone when I get back. thanks for always making me laugh, for always seeing the bright side and helping me see it, too, and for practicing piano. I think you're awesome. And I'm glad that now everyone else knows I think so, too. 2.

p.s. I love you, Kristina! :) I dare you to blog again today haha <3

L O V E - it's a mystery

I'm sitting in my car doing the usual lunchtime ritual of fully enjoying sunshine, food, and dr. Laura.

She talks so much about Love. And it fits in with a lot of my journal entries and thoughts lately.

I love being in love. But not only that, I love other kinds of love too. My mom admitted last night that she secretly misses me following her around the house all the time. :) That is a nice way to say you love someone.

I love that Calee had my back the other night when I needed a friend. That is a good love too.

I love Tucker's super excited run and happy nub wiggling when I get home. He's just a puppy but I can feel his love.

Even love for random strangers. A patient came in today and chatted and laughed and goofed with me the whole time we were getting ready for the doctor. Does he know me? No. But he is a loving person. And I could tell. And it made a difference in my day.

Part of my short term plan of happiness right now is working on being more loving to everyone, including myself. Doesn't that sound like a good plan? I might have stolen the concept from somebody else's plan of happiness.

And it's working well for me so far.


Thankful Thursday

I took my acrylic nails off a few weeks ago to give my nails a break - it's been about a year since I last took them off. Aaaand my nails are TORN UP, lemme tell ya. Goodness gracious they're like thin little pastry papers just waiting to catch and snag whatever I'm wearing/as I'm fixing my hair/my chair upholstery at work/'s lovely. <--that's sarcasm. P.S. Jimmy at Professionail off Nordahl in San Marcos is the BEST NAIL GUY EVER. Seriously. Just ask Amber. He'll do a full set that won't chip, crack, or lift AT ALL for at least six weeks. I went almost 10 weeks once. He's amazing. And totally funny. And gentle. He always makes fake crying faces when he takes my nails off to do a fresh set (like every 4th visit or so, yeah?) and calls me a baby. Haha. He's awesome. I miss him :(

Anyways - totally not the point of this post.

I am thankful for the following items today:
1. My job.
2. My sweet Tucker puppy who was curled up in mourning on Dad's pillow this morning when I woke up. He left on a business trip this morning, and seeing Tucker's little black body snuggled up to a shirt on Dad's pillow made me all warm and fuzzy and sad at the same time. BFF's.
3. The flashlight/headlamp gift from my maintenance tech this week. Haha he's so funny sometimes. And he makes BOMB pulled pork sandwiches, and always shares. Oo B Dog.
4. Nuff said.
5. Amber: You're my best friend (other than Shaun), did you know that? And I'm not just saying that, either. You're the best. I don't know what I'd be doing with myself if you weren't texting, calling, and hanging out with me all the time. Thanks for always reminding me to stay positive, and that even crazy, impossible things are possible.
6. My silly mom who always says the weirdest, most awesome things.
7. Shaun.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Rhapsody in Blue, to be exact.

Yesterday I went to this lovely location. First time since I moved back.

Oh it was delightful. I went to go get books for a new student, but of course was immediately distracted by all of the beautiful instruments around me.

I used to sit in there and play for at least an hour everytime I went. It was fun to relive that, minus the fact that I suck now.

Anyway, I got my student's books and was getting ready to leave, and of course the wall of classical music had to be conveniently placed on my way out.

And do you know what was peeking out at me?


Rhapsody in Blue has long been my favorite piece of music ever created. It is freaking awesome. I've always had a little joke goal that I would play that with an orchestra behind me before I die. :)

But you know what? I bought it. I got the book and I'm going to become awesome at it no matter how long it takes.

Then I'll worry about the orchestra. And I'll invite all of you to come.


-- Post From Kristina's iPhone

Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm going to throw up.

Haha sorry for all of you out there with weak stomachs.

Soooo this morning I got pulled over on my way to work. RIGHT on the onramp (thank you, Mr. Policeman for picking the most embarassing spot EVER to pull someone over and leave all your blinky lights on for twenty minutes). I was driving carefully, so I had no idea why I'd gotten pulled over (which I hate more than KNOWINGLY breaking the law and getting caught!).

So Mr. Po-po asks me why my tags have been expired since last May. "Umm...I JUST re-registered this summer, sooo...the tags should be current." I showed him my registration. Sure enough, I'd registered! *BUT* some THIEF STOLE MY TAGS!!

Thanks a LOT, KLEPTOMANIAC, for embarassing me AND forcing me to SIT AT THE DMV for the REST OF MY LIFE to get NEW TAGS!!!! Lame.

That's the good part.

The bad part was when he handed me back my license, and pointed out that it EXPIRED yesterday. Lovely.

Oh Monday. How I love you.

P.S. Don't ever fly United if you might ever need to change your flight. $150 'service charge' fee??? What service, exactly, are you providing for that cash? Paying a data entry kid $8/hr to switch my NAME on your flight list?! Is it REALLY going to take him 18.75 HOURS TO ACCOMPLISH THAT TASK?!


I should've stayed in bed.

Monday = Funday

I don't work Mondays. Weird, right? Or awesome. Either one.The girl I work with sends me sad texts on those days (she has to be there to answer the phone) because she goes crazy with boredom. I feel bad, but only a little, because I thoroughly enjoy having three day weekends every single week. It is fantastic. I think we should officially change the weekend to include Mondays forever. 

My week is especially short this week - with the lack of Monday workage and then half-day of work on Friday so I can fly back out to my beloved Utah for Round 2 of non-stop laughter and playtime. So fun. So needed. Talking to Steph and Ash yesterday made me so excited to see their sweet faces and even their sweet husbands. I will put aside the betrayal for a weekend. :)

I should charge my camera so I can take photos of all of my loves. This blog is a pretty wordy and non-picturey blog isn't it? Sorry guys. Taking pictures requires quite a bit of effort. Calee has a bunch on her camera right now but the card doesn't fit in my laptop, so we can't get the pictures off - that's including photos of my ridiculous costume. (Wags did you leave the adapter at your office? I just thought of that. Don't you take it to work sometimes? Maybe worth a look.)

What I'm trying to say is - this week is already shaping up to be quite delightful. San Diego is so freaking awesome! Everyone should move here. And not work Mondays. And we can all frolick in the happy goodness of life. 

I have officially reached my computer-time quota for the week. For real, halloween photo albums on facebook? Leave me be. I have wasted far too much time perusing your hilarity and skankiness (oh ladies. i dont even really have anything to say to you. you make it hard to compete and be good at the same time. sad sad.)

I'm going to go run errands with the windows down, music blasting, hand in the sunshine outside. You're more than welcome to come with, although I'm assuming the happy monday-addition to the weekend doesn't apply to your situation. Boo. Sorry friends.


P.S. I already have a Post PTSD mix in my posession. I'm loving the fact that I'm already being safely led out of my PTSD stage, even if only via music. Or is it? We will see. Either way, I'm okay with it. <3

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