Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, but have been either a) too busy or b) too embarrassed. But the truth will set you free, right? 

My confession is that I have an unhealthy love for Rubios. I'm sure you'll recall my previous posts about how excited I was when one opened in American Fork - I wanted to go all the time. I just love it, it is delicious. Fish tacos, Chicken Big Burritos Especial, the salsa bar, and the best part: vanilla coke in the soda fountain. It's always been a must-have when I come home to visit.

So you can imagine my delight when I found out that my office is located JUST ACROSS THE STREET from one. And so I started going there for lunch... a lot.

At first I was a little embarrassed to be going so much, because I started to recognize the people. But then it didn't seem like anybody was noticing me, and I always was there at lunchtime so there are tons of people and I'm just one of the masses. I would even smoothly switch up what I ordered every time so they wouldn't catch on. I stopped being embarrassed after a while because no one knew. And I didn't go THAT much. ...right? 


Last week I went in, and realized that she gave me my receipt before she asked for my name. I looked down and noticed she had already written my name there - with a K! Not even CH like everyone usually writes. I figured she must've been super sly and looked at my credit card, and I walked over to the soda fountain without thinking anything more about it. 

Until I was filling up my cup with ice and the worker man who was wiping the counter leaned over and said, "Oh, sorry, we are out of Vanilla Coke right now." Before I had made my soda selection!! I felt slightly embarrassed for a moment, but figured it had to be a coincidence. I mean everyone loves Vanilla Coke, right? I'm sure he had been telling everyone that day. 

... and then my heart stopped. Because three workers were approaching me with little smiles on their faces and one had his hands behind his back. It was the perfect storm. All of the little coincidences were suddenly very clearly NOT coincidences at all and I was about to be exposed! I froze in humiliation as they, loudly, informed me (and EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT) that I am their most loyal customer and that they would love to present me with these free meal cards for my unwavering support. "You can use these for next week," said one of them. 


Seriously that SAME day on my way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some chips/drinks for Calee's birthday party, and the lady at the register knew my name and asked how my enchiladas had turned out last week. 

... maaaaaaybe I need to start switching things up a bit. You think?


P.s. Why does blogger put random spacing in all of my posts? On my "compose" section of the blog it looks like even spaces. Then I get out here and it's all weird. And I'm too lazy to fix it. Sorry but not really.


Ashley said...

Oooooh yum! Feel lucky to enjoy the Rubio's deliciosness! I share your same love for Rubios (and I always get the Vanilla Coke too), but they have NONE of them in Seattle so I have to go there only when I'm visiting San Diego. And I miss it, bad! That's awesome you're their MVP!

Anonymous said...

still taking PPTSD-mix requests?

Oceans, The Format. And, Dog Problems, same band.

Kristina said...

I definitely am. Keep 'em coming.

Stephanie said...

hahahaha i love this post. and i love rubios. fish tacos...yummm.

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