Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday = Funday

I don't work Mondays. Weird, right? Or awesome. Either one.The girl I work with sends me sad texts on those days (she has to be there to answer the phone) because she goes crazy with boredom. I feel bad, but only a little, because I thoroughly enjoy having three day weekends every single week. It is fantastic. I think we should officially change the weekend to include Mondays forever. 

My week is especially short this week - with the lack of Monday workage and then half-day of work on Friday so I can fly back out to my beloved Utah for Round 2 of non-stop laughter and playtime. So fun. So needed. Talking to Steph and Ash yesterday made me so excited to see their sweet faces and even their sweet husbands. I will put aside the betrayal for a weekend. :)

I should charge my camera so I can take photos of all of my loves. This blog is a pretty wordy and non-picturey blog isn't it? Sorry guys. Taking pictures requires quite a bit of effort. Calee has a bunch on her camera right now but the card doesn't fit in my laptop, so we can't get the pictures off - that's including photos of my ridiculous costume. (Wags did you leave the adapter at your office? I just thought of that. Don't you take it to work sometimes? Maybe worth a look.)

What I'm trying to say is - this week is already shaping up to be quite delightful. San Diego is so freaking awesome! Everyone should move here. And not work Mondays. And we can all frolick in the happy goodness of life. 

I have officially reached my computer-time quota for the week. For real, halloween photo albums on facebook? Leave me be. I have wasted far too much time perusing your hilarity and skankiness (oh ladies. i dont even really have anything to say to you. you make it hard to compete and be good at the same time. sad sad.)

I'm going to go run errands with the windows down, music blasting, hand in the sunshine outside. You're more than welcome to come with, although I'm assuming the happy monday-addition to the weekend doesn't apply to your situation. Boo. Sorry friends.


P.S. I already have a Post PTSD mix in my posession. I'm loving the fact that I'm already being safely led out of my PTSD stage, even if only via music. Or is it? We will see. Either way, I'm okay with it. <3

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Lyrax said...

Don't feel bad about the skankiness of other ladies. They're just trying to compete with you.

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