Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Blogging World,

I appreciate your happy feedback to my silly, complain-y post from the other day. Thanks for spending the time to read my ramblings, all two of you who read this. :) Your comments combined with a few conversations with friends I've had lately have made me realize how whiney I have let myself get lately. I really don't mean to, and it's for sure something I need to work on. 

(Although, I reserve the right to let loose on this blog and whine all I need on bad days. Just keep movin along if you have a problem with that haha.)

I'm happy to report that contrary to popular belief - I don't think all of my problems will go away once I'm married. Nor do I think that life gets suddenly less hard and emotional problems are any less painful. I'm also actually really content to be right where I am right now. Am I a little anxious and nervous about future plans and figuring out what I'm doing? Yes. Haha. And that will probably never change for the rest of my life. It's just part of who I am.  But I love my family, and I love San Diego. And I am loving the new friends that have come into my life lately - Big Time. ;)

I will say this: I am so completely 100% looking forward to the day when my whining can be about a husband that wants to have sex more than I want to. Haha! (Although in my single and non-sex-having state, that is hard for me to imagine at the moment. ...TMI? Okay, my bad. Sorry Grandma.) See Nikki's blog to hear what I'm talking about, and what started this whole discussion.

For real though. I am excited for the time when my problems and hardships with my man are supported and cradled by an eternal covenant, bond, and endowment that is leading me toward a celestial goal with my husband. What a blessing and a comfort! That's the goal. That's what I'm excited for. And I don't think it's so wrong that I really honestly CAN'T WAIT for that man to stroll into my life so we can get started on a brand new set of issues. Together.

For now, all I can do is serve the Lord and reach my eternal potential on my own. Kind of a bummer, but kind of exciting. It's a cool time to learn about myself and prepare for the temple, and grow closer to the Savior. Hopefully all of that brings me closer to my knight in shining armor, right?

Usually my posts are a little aloof and silly, or just complainy and vague - but I felt like it was time for all of us to have a heart to heart. Thanks for caring enough to say something. You guys are the best. 


P.S. You are going to die when you see my halloween costume. I think I've officially lost my mind.  Ha ha ha. And so did the boy I was with, I'm sure. Remember that whole "too open and honest" thing? Yep. Take it or leave it, people!!

Photos coming soon. 


Melody said...

My personal opinion? You're right. Dating sucks. Marriage is so much easier. I empathize. Feel free to're totally justified. :)

Francesca said...

Well said. And as for, "It's a cool time to learn about myself and prepare for the temple, and grow closer to the Savior. Hopefully all of that brings me closer to my knight in shining armor, right?"

EXACTLY right. That's the best and most important marriage prep!

Love you, Kristina!

Lyrax said...

Sounds like you're on the right track, and you have the right idea. I applaud your mature, prayerful, and spiritually-minded attitude.

Did you hear Elder Uchtdorf's recent CES fireside talk? It was pretty amazing, and you can follow this link to watch if you didn't get to see it live:,7341,395,00.html

He says some things that are very, very applicable to your situation.

Arica said...

i'm happy to know that my assumption was simply that. (: and yes, complain away! it's actually very refreshing to read blogs written by 'real' people, if that makes any sense. some mask themselves to be more than happy on the outside (myself included at times).. and it's nice to read the realism. love ya girl.. keep up the awesomeness!

ps. just throwin' this out there.. you're beautiful! you're husband will be lucky to have such a knockout. (;

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