Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I've been dreading this week for the last 350-and some odd days. I don't care to go into detail, because the dred has not fully passed yet; however, I'm exceptionally thankful for the items listed below during this birthday week:

1. Lidocain. This blessed potion supplies a relief from stinging, burning, horrid pain which only cold sores on top of strep throat can bring. I LOVE LIQUID LIDOCAIN. Seriously, it makes me so happy. Sooo so happy.

2. Antibiotics. Holy moly what did people do back in the day before antibiotics?! I can't imagine continuing to get worse for days before getting better. It's already been FIVE days TOO LONG. So so thankful for antibiotics, and for a Heavenly Father who knew that me and my weak immune system would NEVER make it in a time period without it. Ever.

3. VICODIN. 'nuff said.

4. Sweet friends who call/text to make sure I'm ok. Thank you for being concerned :) Your funny, loving texts have made me so happy!

5. Kristina - thanks for picking up some ice cream for me and for asking me if I need anything - you are really good that way :) I appreciate that a lot. Mom - thanks for letting me eat your yogurt...I hope you're not mad because I'm pretty sure you haven't noticed yet...sooo I'll buy you more...and don't worry, I haven't eaten any of the nasty key lime flavor. I promise.

Here's a picture of my new best friends - haha. Buuuut for real.

I figure Heavenly Father got sick of listening to me freak out about getting older, so He mercifully blessed me with a distraction :) sooo instead of freaking out about THIS and giving Him an opportunity to bless me with ANOTHER distraction, I'll just be thankful for health insurance ($10 perscriptions makes needing four of them much less painful), for sweet nurse practitioners who listen to me cry as I describe the pain and give me intense painkillers to combat said pain, and for pain meds in general.

p.s. if my grammar is awful in this post, I apologize. I may or may not be under the influence of those pain killers....they are awesome in some ways, buuut make thinking clearly a little difficult.

p.p.s. watching The Office with mom is so funny - you should all try it some time :) haha

p.p.p.s. This is the cute little face I woke up to this morning. Barking. At the top of his lungs.

Love him.

Haha I really do, though. We've been snuggling a lot since I've spent so much time in the last few days laying down. It really makes a person feel better when a little cute creature is all cuddled up snoring on them. SO CUTE. I'm going to go snuggle with him right now.


Lyrax said...

Ohh! *sends hugs through the internet*

Lorraine said...

*hug* Glad this owchy time is mostly past for you.

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