Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This morning I went to work because my boss feels like having 30 hours left of sick time this year isn't quite enough to take time off.

I figured it wasn't so bad, right? Slow day. My hair tie snapped and my cute birthday girl hair went flying everywhere. So much for trying to look appealing on my birthday haha.

It's ok though because I met Amber for a smoothie and I ate the first solid food I've had for three days. Panera's Vermont white cheddar mac and cheese goes down nice and smooth, if any of you have sore throats :) mm mm delicious!

Then I met my sweet mom who bought me some cool jewelry from a friend of hers who makes it! I'll post the link to her website later - her stuff is so cute!!! Here's a pic of me wearing mine. (Please remember I've been sick - no judging!!!)

Thanks, mom :)

While I was picking out jewelry - Kristina snuck over from work on her lunch break and left some pretty flowers and balloons on my truck! She wrote on the windows, too, but the picture doesn't show it well. It was really sweet of her :) Haha the GIGANTIC Belle balloon made me laugh. Nice random touch.

I figured since I was able to muscle down mac and cheese at lunch, I could also handle some delicious bundt cake from Everything Bundt Cake! (that's a lot of nuts!! haha) Anyways. Mom got mini cakes so we could have lots of flavors - pumpkin spice, lemon (deLIcious), chocolate chocolate chip, pecan & praline, and white chocolate raspberry (also delicious). She bought more vanilla ice cream, too, because I totally forgot Kristina had JUST picked up some for me the other night haha. Sooo now we have two tubs of low fat vanilla - anybody want some?? It's all yours.

She also made me some lasagna for dinner :) So nice.

Sooo all in all not a bad day.

p.s. my mean boss sent me home early today (not in a nice way. gotta love management.), sooo I went to the DMV and renewed my license and replaced my license plate stickers because some crapmuncher STOLE them. If I were cool I'd link the word 'stole' to my previous blog, buuuut I don't know how to do that. Yay for the DMV.

That place is naaaaasty. For realz.

Love love love to all of you.

And a happy birthday to me.


Lissy said...

Happy Birthday! You would not know you'd been sick from your picture - you look great! Hope this year makes you laugh at ever dreading it. :)

Melody said...


And I think you're faking. Nobody looks that good when they're sick. LOL.

(I had to add the "LOL" so you know I'm really not bitter, I'm just giving you a backward compliment. A forward one would've sounded cheesy. Trust me.)

Arica said...

yes. a definite happy birthday!.. and even though you didn't feel well, you looked awesome! TOTALLY CUTE DIGGS. ..and if you truly would like to learn how to link pages.. just let me know. (:

Calee said...

Lissy - I HOPE YOU'RE RIGHT. For my own sanity's sake, I truly do.

Mel - Haha!! Ohh my goodness I think you are seriously hilarious. Did you type out a forward compliment first and it just didn't work out...? Thanks for the 'LOL' and the explanation. It made your comment so awesome :)

Arica - Yes! You always link pages and it's so cute! Feel free to leave me a tutorial. And for heaven's sake take baby steps - I still can't add friend's pages to our blog roll. Yes, I am THAT special. Ha! Sad.

Francesca said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a good (and yummy) one even though you were sick.

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

You failed to mention you received an amazing serenade from your favorite 2 year old. She's now crying because you hate her.

Lyrax said...

Happy birthday!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday girl! Enjoy 26, it's amazing:)

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