Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am quite the stressball today. Which makes absolutely no sense because Jan and I aren't even flipping TOGETHER anymore. 

When we were dating, Friday nights were the worst nights ever during the fall. He was locked away in a hotel, and always super focused so our conversations were definitely not enjoyable. I would hardly be able to sleep because my stomach would just be in such crazy knots and the next day I would be so tired and crazy and tense! (Seriously, I would usually try to sleep for a while but then end up watching the Mtn. for most of the night. High quality entertainment there. Not.)

I would joke with him after the game that I was the one that needed a massage because my muscles were sore from being so stressed out. I don't think he thought that was as funny as I did. ha ha :)

Anyway, today is flipping the Utah game. Not only that, but all of those sweet seniors' last time playing at LES. How freaking huge. I am completely in knots today. Shouldn't I be over this? Yes. That's the answer to that question. Am I? Apparently not. 

Thank heavens the season is almost over and I can desist with the nonsense.

GO COUGS! In honor of BYU v. Utah day, please enjoy this photo from BYU v. Utah day 2007. What a different life that was. 


P.s. Happy Birthday sweet Tucker! We will have your birthday party on Monday so Calee can be here. 

P.p.s. Oh and Happy Birthday to No-Name! I was going to write your actual name here but then I remembered Calee made up some schroeder-sisterly-nick-name like the others have. But I can't remember what it is. So...

Speaking of he-who-must-not-be-named, I believe Calee has a fun update to share. Stay tuned.

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