Friday, November 13, 2009

Knitting MANIA

The other night Kristina and I were in CRAAAAZY moods and so we decided to do some CRAZY things...

1. Discussing how adorable Tucker is
2. Watching The Office, Greys, SYTYCD, and Oprah. while making and eating scrumptious brownies.

Kristina may or may not have concentrated so hard that we both ended up in tears laughing over the ridiculous face(s) she was making.

Aaaand she's obsessed now. (You're welcome.)

Amber came over last night and we all had a knitting/crocheting party. Tucker even joined in by stealing Amber's hot pink ball of thread and wrapping himself in it like an adorable, mischevious mummy. Mom came limping through the living room and commented how how we all looked like a bunch of old ladies haha :)

p.s. My throat is hurting REALLY badly right now and I've been on hold with the doctor's office for 15 minutes waiting to make an appointment. Really, people? Just tell me what the schedule looks like. It doesn't take you 15 minutes to pull up the calendar. Seriously.

p.p.s. They just told me to go to Urgent Care because it could be serious. This is me having no faith in the medical community and ignoring that piece of advice.

p.p.p.s. If I die because I ignored their advice, I would just like to tell the blogging world how fun last weekend was. I went up to Rexburg and surprised 34 (haha this is my lame attempt to follow in the footsteps of my blogging sisters and their bf nicknaming ways [see: Boy Wonder and Mancandy]) a day earlier than expected! We had breakfast bagels, ate lunch with my grandparents, got sick from the breakfast bagels WHILE eating lunch with my grandparents (Ooohh embarassing...), was saved from freezing to death by his sweet roommate Derek (thank you again for the gloves and hot cocoa) while watching his football team kick booty (thank you BYU-I for tackle football when it's NEGATIVE 50 MILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE), caught up on some TLC, hung out w his sweet sister in SLC, and retouched Brooke's hair with a travel toothbrush and a dish from a girl she lives with who is mean to her. Haha! Oooooh Brooke. Only you. Love love it.

Sooo I may or may not like this boy a lot. Ok...whooo am I kidding? I like him A LOT. A lot a lot. (said in Lindsay Lohan's voice - movie trivia...). And I'm pretty sure he likes me back. Which makes me really, really happy. And I'm singing happy songs. And I get warm inside when I'm around him, and my tongue swells up (movie trivia again :)) haha. Ooo it is enjoyable. This is my favorite part of dating...when everything just seems to fall into place. It's magical. I hope you're all happy, too <3.

The end.

p.p.p.p.s. Ummm SERIOUSLY, Kristina?! I know you didn't REALLY just propose we go our own ways on our BLOG instead of in person. This blog deserves an explanation. After all we've been through?! Apologize immediately.


Melody said...

"First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle."

Logan and Michelle said...

"alot alot" -the parent trap!

Arica said...

yes. parent trap.. said in weird fake british accent. haha.

Lyrax said...

Blog Wars
San Diego
Talks in the blog wars were stalled today as a Caleefornian representative expressed outrage at the latest Kristinistanian act of blogging. "Umm Seriously?" She said in a public statement today, "This blog deserves an explanation.... Apologize immediately."

Next on LNN News - The world in crisis!

Calee said...

Haha Melody - yesssss hahaha

MICHELLE & Arica! Parent Trap!!! Horrid British accent. For realz.

Lance - Who the heck are you!? I cannot figure it out!!

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