Saturday, November 21, 2009

Late. Again.

I was late on Boog's birthday post and now on Waggles. Sorry friends. I don't really consider myself a late person usually. Am I? Weird.

Yes, I did leave flowers and balloons on her car. And I'm glad you couldn't see the writing in the picture because it was not cute and fun it was scrawled and rushed. I only had like 2 seconds to decorate before I had to speed back to work.

... Sorry. 

The good news? Calee is extremely laid back. So she liked it anyway. :)

And now for my what I love about Calee post. In honor of her 21st birthday. Or is it her 22nd? Ha ha. :)

I was going to just write normally, but I will create a list in honor of Calee's favorite blogging style. At least 75% of her posts are a list of some kind. Here is your birthday list:

1. Calee is one positive chick. She has this weird silly giggle that she has had since she was a little little girl and it is awesome. She is just genuinely happy most of the time and is not afraid to guffaw (ha ha! inside joke) and laugh and perhaps even squeal in order to show her delight. It rubs off.

2. You all know this but I have to say it anyway - she has the voice of an angel. At any given moment she will burst into song or sing harmony w/ whatever I am humming. Or perhaps we will spontaneously begin a three-part rendition of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek in the kitchen w/ boog. Who knows? Either way she is awesomely talented and I love that part about her. Every once in a while I will sit at the piano and she will sing and we will jam for a while. Yes I did say jam. Although usually it is some type of EFY arrangement and I'm not sure if that really counts? 

3. She worries about the weirdest things and it just makes me laugh. If any of you know Cal, you know that she has like a supermodel body and is gorgeous and funny and cool - pretty much has everything going for her. But randomly out of no where I'll catch her sniffing herself, or doing a butt check in the mirror, or she'll pull me aside and ask me some random self-conscious question. I'm usually like, "Um. You look like a barbie doll and smell like a flower. And your thighs are not cheesey. And no, I cannot see wrinkles around your eyes, but you are crazy, so that's something." Or something to that effect. It is hilarious that she of all people stresses about that stuff. 

4. She loves to sit on the couch with me and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sometimes. It is so nice. The weird anti-social part of me has really needed that lately, and after a long day at work she is more than willing to oblige. It is delightful, but still entertaining as she makes sassy comments and teaches me to knit. 

5. She is all happy and in love right now and it makes her super pleasant. Ha ha! Not that she isn't always pleasant. But lately she lets everything just slide, compliments everyone, and is always really cheerful and sweet. It makes for a very happy atmosphere in our lovely home. 

6. She has the same weird obsession with Tucker that I have, and it makes me feel slightly less weird. 

7. Let's not forget her own language, as well. Just like mom and dad. Hers consist of "Huh!" "I know, right?" "Hideoderous" hahaha oh my gosh I almost just wrote a few other ones but I think they are way too inappropriate. Sorry. My grandma reads this. Maybe next time.

8. She is a work-out-aholic, like crazy obsessive fitness person, but can put down food with the freaking best of them. She inspired the title of this blog with her constant need for dessert. (She cannot go to a restaurant and not get dessert. When the server asks if you saved room for dessert she looks at them like they are an alien. Saved room? Really? Why would you even need to ask that?) She is obsessed with salty things - ie. french fries, chips, french fries, cheese fries, and more french fries.  And she loves to eat cold left-overs for breakfast. For real.

All list-worthy notes aside, Calee is one of my best friends. We are really different in a LOT of ways, but that just makes it better. I love that we can have our little shared blog here, or at least will have until she bails on me and goes with her man. I'm so thankful that she has been here for me through my horrendous break ups and get back togethers and break up agains. She never thinks I'm being too dramatic or too whiney or too anything - she just understands and lets it go. She and I shared a room her last year and my first year of high school, and I think we formed a bond that year that will never go away. She's one of my favorite people ever in this world and I am just so darn glad that we could celebrate one more year of her awesomeness this week. 

Love you wags.

Let's see if I can pull up some embarrassing growing up pics. 


So bad. I'm sorry for the hideousness. I tried to stop it but I couldn't. 

Love you! 

P.s. I think that picture of us dancing should be our header-pic. Yes?


Lyrax said...

Hideousness? I don't think either of you gals are capable of looking hideous, no matter how hard you try.


Nikki (Have Joy) said...

ahahahahahahahaha. That's all. Loves to waggles. :)

Calee said...

Kristina! This blog was really sweet. I'm glad I finally read it instead of just being pissed about how ugly the pictures were/are. Thanks for the love :) So nice.

xoxo - CalPal

Amber Irene said...

awwww. rae. you're so sweet. calee is all of those and more. P.S those pics were ridonkulous! Love

Grandma S. said...

Dear, cute Kristina. You are a 'gem' and I love you so much. I really enjoyed the pictures. Brought back lots of memories of sweet, wonderful granddaughters. Calee is precious in my eyes too.

brookebaby said...

those first few ones are rough to see for me, personally.

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