Monday, September 28, 2009


In my recent missionary-mindedness, I have been searching for good books, talks, songs, etc. about missionary work, preparation, and all of that.

(Any suggestions? I'd love some.)

This is so not like the other things I've found, but just as awesome. Most of the books and things I've read have brought tears to my eyes, and this video is no different - although for COMPLETELY different reasons.

Jason Cassel, you are a genius. 

Here are the lyrics:

Hey there Delilah, what's it like at BYU?
I'm just a quarter mile away, but feel so far away from you,
But that will do,
Cuz two years from now Ill be with you,
I know that's true.

Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about the distance,
Few more months and I can call you both on Mothers' Day and Christmas.
Close your eyes,
Then just think of suits and ties,
But not other guys.

Cuz, you said you'd wait for me,
O, you said you'd wait for me,
O, I'm at the MTC,
O, I'm at the MTC, at the MTC.

Now have some patience and don't think of dating Conner,
Cuz two more years you may be done with school,
But I'll return with honor.
I cant wait,
Just two more years till our next date,
It will be great.

Oh when you told me I was the love of your life,
And I just held you close and kissed you just like I'll kiss my wife.
We said goodbye,
And I gave you my favorite tie,
There's no need to cry.

Cuz, you said you'd wait for me,
O, you said you'd wait for me,
O, I'm at the MTC,
O, I'm at the MTC, at the MTC.

There were RMs who made fun of me and said you'll never wait for me,
To them I say oh ye, of little faith.
Cuz we've been dating for two months and I think that that's long enough,
To know someone enough to feel this way.
I carry your picture with me and talk about you constantly,
I'm driving my companion insane,
And you're to blame.

Woke up this morning, checked the mail right at dawn,
And just believe me girl how shocked I was to read those words,
Dear John, I think were through,
I meet a guy better than you,
Go ahead and cry if you want to,
Sincerely Delilah, missing you,
P.S. We're through.

O, you didn't wait for me,
O, you didn't wait for me,
O, you didn;t wait for me,
O, and I'm only at the MTC, at the MTC

Haha. Love it. 


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Kristina Schroeder goes to work

Haha! Okay so right now maybe it's more like "Assistant to the doctor" like Dwight. Either way - I got a job!! I'm so thrilled and excited! 

When I found out I couldn't take classes at Palomar this term I was really bummed and unsure where to go next. So I decided to look around for front desk jobs at Optometrist's offices - I figured that I'm not qualified for anything else, but that would still give me a good look into the profession and some experience with it. 

And randomly out of the sky, this Doctor's Assistant job fell onto my lap! It's at an optometry office and is seriously EXACTLY what I was hoping for but didn't think I would find. I have had too many 'bad luck' situations to think that random blessings like this are anything but divinely sent. I'm so excited about it. I only worked two days this week, but they were two long, full, tiring, busy, AWESOME days. I can't wait for next week! (The only bad thing? It's in Poway. Which means a really stinky/yucky commute on the 15 with all of its awful traffic. Boo.)

This week I'll work Monday-Thursday, leave that night to go to Utah, play in Utah on Friday-Sunday, and take off Monday. So fun. My schedule isn't quite filled up yet - so let's make plans to play while I'm up there! I miss all of you guys, especially the boogster. (What is your work schedule that weekend?)

Poor little Tuck is in mourning over losing his friend. We've been quite the BFFs since I got here - we hang out all day long. Even when I go run errands or do something, he comes with. On Thursday when I left to go to my first day at work, he completely freaked out. Sad puppy. :( He's now been trying to sleep on my bed, which would be fine if a) he didn't stretch out and take up like 3 feet of space, b) I had a bigger bed, or c) it didn't make my dad cry himself to sleep in the other room because he misses the dog. Haha.

He has a new friend though. His name is cowpig. 
It's a pig on one side, a cow on the other. It has crinkly paper inside so it makes a delightful sound when he chews it, and the head is a squeaker toy. He walks around with it in his mouth wherever he goes. haha :)

Okay, story before I go. I interviewed on Wednesday and things went well, and she asked if I would be able to start the next day. Since I have the emptiest schedule of anyone on the planet right now, I just said yes immediately without even looking. When I got home I told my mom how excited I was and she said - don't you have something tomorrow afternoon? 

That's when I had to not only look like a fool by calling my soon-to-be-boss and telling her I was dumb enough to not look at my schedule and was wrong, and that my mom reminded me I had a conflict - I also had to look like a total moron when she asked me what it was and I had to say, "Um, I have an eye appointment with my optometrist." 

So retarded. 

Have a good weekend! Cougs and the RS Broadcast today. Sweet. 


Friday, September 25, 2009

I love looking at wedding stuff.

Some of this I've been saving for myself - but I'll gladly give it up to Pickle brains. 

These are all from the web so they are showing up kind of small. Sorry. But if you click on them it will show you a bigger version. 




I'm showing this one for the neck/top. How cool would that be on a wedding dress? Or too weird?




... I have a million more. 

Obnoxious for Nikki

Hey! Sorry for the lame lay-out of this post (I'm doing this at work...between phone calls and filing, etc...) Yay for the first pic! How cute is it?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As promised...

Kind of.
You can't really see Tucker's adorable haircut from this pic, but it's a cute pic nonetheless. Dad and Tucker are BFF's. (Not sure if you could tell from the picture.) Tuck will just let you pick him up like a baby and cuddle him. He loves it.
Yesterday one of my mom's voice students took him home for a few hours and Kristina and I decided that we miss him WAY TOO MUCH when he's gone.

This is Mom feeling good about her choice to only eat one hot dog. Of course...she snuck TWO hot dogs into one bun...notice her mischievous face...
Here's another picture of a dress for Nik. I don't know how I feel about the bolero jacket, though...thoughts?

Love love love.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What to do...what to say...

shall you carry our treasure awaaay?


My brain is all jumbley and I have nothing cohesive to I guess I'll just write some pieces and call it a blog so Kristina stops telling me I suck at blogging (thanks a lot, pooglob). Haha ooh glob. Anyways.

Tucker got a new schnauzer haircut and it is so adorable. I wish I had a picture to post. I'll take one w my phone and post it tomorrow maybe - how excited are you?! WOO.

NIKKI AND SAM ARE ENGAGED!!!! AHHHHH SOOO EXCITED!!! Sam and I experienced heartbreak within a few weeks of each other several months back and I was so thankful for his happy & encouraging texts. I tried to return the favor...since I think he's the best thing that's happened to Nikki in a LONG long time...and at the end of the day I'd just like to say I CALLED IT and someone should give me a high five for it ::cough cough:: ::Nikki and Sam:: :: cough:::
Sooo now Sam needs a nickname. (We all have sisterly nicknames - Pickle, Waggles, Shmae and Boogie) and I vote that Sam's should be one of the following: Samalam or Spam. Haha Pickle and Spam, get it?! Delicious. (jk, Spam terrifies me and I've never tried it...)

I would like to leave you with a couple of pictures to express how I feel:

This was nearly impossible. And ruined my cute new shirt.

I miss this boy.

I vote Nikki wears a dress like this on her wedding day.
Thanks for reading.
p.s. Kristina, your blogs are so much better than mine lately. Good job. I've enjoyed them thoroughly.


I miss you, sweet Utah. Some people love you and some people hate you - and I am definitely in the 'love' category. I miss the sweet smell and feel of the Fall up there. Football season is so fun, the leaves turning is so pretty. We get to start to wear cute coats and boots but not feel incredibly freezing (yet).

Do you want to hear some good news, though? I am coming to see you! Very soon. 

General Conference is in a few weeks, along with a Friday night football game. Both of which sound completely exciting and fun to me. So I am coming! 

Prepare for a weekend of fun and memories. And yes, I will most likely be staying in Number 2 with the old roommate. Who cares if she has a new roommate? Who is a boy. And her husband. You can't keep me awaaaay! 

Oh, and, as I'm only there for a few days, you should probably start thinking of your most fun and handsome friends for me to play with. You've always been pretty good to me in that department, sweet Utah. Do not disappoint this time! I could really use some distractions. 

(Unless the British Boyfriend comes to play. In which case, I won't need your help. I'll keep you updated on that situation, my most beloved second home!)

See you so soon! 

<3 Kristina

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unnecessary Quotes

I've already talked about some of my "pet peeves" on this blog, which I probably shouldn't have because now I'm all "paranoid" about my grammar on here. Haha. :) Silly.

Anyway I found this "website" and I think it is really funny. This isn't a particular pet peeve of mine but "apparently" it was a big enough deal that this guy decided to start a "blog" about it.

Here's a few samples. He also has sassy commentary under each one, which is probably the best part. Check out the site for those gems.

Probably not the highest quality gas for your car.

"Delivery" wink wink

Haha.This one could have been on purpose.

Anyway, check it out.

I love the internet. 


Friday, September 18, 2009

People should smile more

I love this song.

Keep moving.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delayed Birthday Love

My beloved Brookie had a birthday on Monday. I was too busy playing with her on that day to write a little tribute! But she sent me one of the world's nicest text messages this morning, which made me feel bad that I never did it. So here is some Boogster love, for her big 21st b-day. 

Awesome things about Brooke: 

- As all of you know, she is hilarious. We're talking, make you laugh so hard your eyes water and you pee your pants. She is so quick and smart and comes up with the most random things to say, and is usually borderline inappropriate. But the best part about Brooke's funniness is that she makes you feel funny, too. You can say something that's really not that funny, but she'll laugh and say some little quirk afterward that is legitimately funny, so then you two are funny friends. :) Haha. Good news for all of us non-funny people out there. 

- She is beautifully gorgeous. Which is weird considering she wears the strangest clothes and does the weirdest make up and likes her hair to resemble crazy bed-head. It makes absolutely no sense to me how she can be so strikingly pretty while wearing grey sparkly stretch pants and a poofy-neck sweater with bondage sandals, a rat tail in her hair and cat-eye eye liner. But she does it. Which is more than a little impressive. 

- She lived with me this summer when all of my friends were gone and I felt like I didn't have anybody. Am I ten times more boring than most people she could live with? Yes. Did she clean up my dishes all the time? Yes. I don't think there was any kind of incentive to live with me except that she knew I needed her and she is a good sister. It was a really good summer because of her, and I'm sad we don't live together anymore. :(

- She can say awful things and make terrible jokes and all she gets out of my parents is a half-stern "Brooooooooooke," because they think she is so funny. She's been running amuck since she was like 4 because she's always been too adorable to get mad at. 

- She is one of the most open-minded, understanding people in the world. She's had her fair share of garbage she's had to deal with - more than anyone should have to, actually. But she still finds it in her heart to feel sad for other people who are struggling, or listen to a dumb thing you did with absolutely no judgment. Don't get me wrong, she's actually really good at telling it to you straight and letting you know if she thinks you're being a moron, but it's always done in a very loving way. She's someone you can go to with any problem and not feel embarrassed. She actually said to me this weekend, after she's gone through one of the worst break ups in history, "I don't know whose situation is worse, yours or mine." Like my stupid little heart-sick situation even compares to what she's dealing with. She really meant it, too. 

There are a lot more things about Brooke that are really awesome, like her incredible ability to make sweet sweet playlists, her ridiculously hideous faces she can contort her beautiful features into, the weird laughing fits she gets into where she just cries and laughs for like 20 minutes all by herself for no reason, her new-found desire for independence/self-dependence, her ability to be best friends with anybody, her willingness to always apologize first, etc etc.

I've loved this girl for my whole life minus the fifteen months of it she wasn't in it. But I would venture to say she was right there with me during those months, too. I even loved her in middle school when she was less than fond of me; it didn't bother me that she didn't want to be my friend, I still thought she was awesome. I'm glad we're past that phase now though haha. :)

I remember sharing a room when we were little and sleeping on the top bunk while she was on the bottom. At night she would say "Goodnight! I love you." And it always meant so much to me. What a blessing it has been for me to always have her near. Heavenly Father is so good to me. 

Okay I'm bawling now. That means it's time to stop. Happy 21st Birthday boog! Love you, monkey. 

Warning: Lots of embarrassing childhood photos below.

Love you! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. Laura is legit!

If I had known she was going to stop by our blog and leave a comment, I would've asked loads of questions! And then she would've yelled and me and told me what I already know, and sent me on my merry way.
Haha. Isn't that what most people are looking for on her show? I think we usually already know the answer to our problems. It's just a hard answer and we don't like accepting what's hard. So we call, thinking that maybe by some miracle what we have convinced ourselves to be true (the easy answer) really is true. 

But our subconscious really just wants to be yelled at. And isn't that Dr. Laura's slogan? "Giving you what you want?" 

... No? 

Haha. Either way - I am so happy she stopped by! I would love her advice but I am too scared of it. Perhaps one day I will get the courage to call! (crossing my fingers behind my back. we all know i'm way too wussy to actually do it.)


P.s. This clip is absolutely adorable, really. I tried to figure out how to embed it and I couldn't. But click the link - it's worth it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dr. Laura is mean

She's also right a lot of the time. I was listening to her today and a lady called and said "How long do I stay in a loving relationship if he doesn't want to get married?"

Dr. Laura: Um. About 13 seconds. 

Lady: But it's a really happy, loving relationship. 

Dr. Laura: Okay, about 14 seconds. 

Haha. Really? That only adds on one more second? Dang.

.... what about an extra year? No? Wrong? 

Oh okay. Good to know.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Last night

was the first night I didn't dream about him in five weeks.

Today marks the beginning of my new life. I'm officially closing the door. I already have gone through this, twice, now - I don't think I need more of it. I don't think I need more time to get over it. I think I can just make the decision and be finished.

I'm done with that chapter. I'm ready for what's next. Even if today isn't any different from yesterday in what I do or who I talk to - it's different because of how I feel. I've made that mental/emotional decision, and it feels good.

My life isn't ruined, or over. It's starting! And that is exciting. I don't even care what I do next. What matters is that it's not "then" anymore.

The church is true and the atonement is real.What a wonderful thing to know and feel!

Have a good day! I'm sure planning on it. 


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haha Brooke is going to kill you

For that picture. And I'll probably help dispose of your body for saying I'm wearing your old pajama tops. (which is a total lie, first of alllll....) If one of us is guilty of wearing the other's pajamas, we both know who that is. :cough:cough: YOU :cough:. I'm glad you're unpacking, though, so it stops looking like a transient is living in your car out front. And to wear your clothes. And so you stop wearing my pajamas and jeans everyday. Thank you.

I'd like to share a story:
Once upon a time (yesterday), we took a family outing to the dog park.
When I say 'family' outing, I mean that literally. Mom, Kristina, myself, Dad and Tucker all went to the dogpark.
(Haha we're so weird! And awesome. SCHROEDER POWER. [O'Doyle RULES] hahahaha I am in suuuch an obnoxious mood.)
There were so many cute dogs there! There was Bentley the Jackuahuah and Sassy with her pearl necklace (I can't remember what her real name was, and she looked like her name should've been Sassy, so whatever). And then there was this little white dog with brown patches who nobody seemed to want to be friends with.
He came over to Kristina and tried to snuggle up, so she reached down and pet him for a minute. She then recalled that the owner of that little white and brown dog had JUST been freaking out about him rolling in poop.
And it turns out he wasn't really a brown and white dog at all...just a white dog with poopy markings.
So Kristina's hand smelled like dog poop until we got home and she washed it.
The end.
P.S. I'm pretty sure I had lots of fun at the dog park yesterday with my family and it made me wish that Brooke and Nikki+Sam and the girls had been there, too. (I'm excited to see you this weekend, Brooke!! yay!)


I should probably unpack everything out of my car now that I'm officially staying here. I think I've been in denial a little bit. Time for reality, sister. And time to unpack your clothes so poor Calee can finally borrow them. She's been wearing like my old pajama tops and stuff because she's so desperate for someone else's clothing. Ha ha. Sad.

Gross story: I hadn't been out to my car in about two weeks, because I've just been going with my Mom everywhere. Plus it's been hotter than you know what outside and my AC doesn't work super great. No AC + Leather seats = sweaty back by the time I get to where I'm going. Is that TMI? Haha. Sorry.

Anyway, that's not even the gross part of my story. I went out to the car last night and it seriously smelled like I was keeping a decaying body in one of those trash bags in my trunk instead of clothing. I was literally gagging. I had to hold my breath and dive in to investigate, and I found the culprit after a few minutes of detective work.


You owe me so big for that!


Okay. We're even. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mission Impossible?


I decided to go to Rexburg and was fairly excited/nervous to go up there, until I found out that I don't qualify for financial aid since I already have a BA. So much for financial need and good grades, right? I can't afford to move up to Rexburg and go to school up there without any help, especially after the (not so) awesome-paying job I've had this last year. Love my parents to death, but they can't afford it either.

Community college is about my only option for those pre-req classes. 

I am doing a pretty good job of picking the wrong doors to go through, aren't I? Every one that I've tried lately has been locked. Sometimes I feel discouraged, but mainly I just feel unsure of my next move, and interested to see why nothing is working out. There has to be something right in front of me that I'm just not seeing. Maybe I just stay here and work this term and then start my pre-reqs in January. Maybe I help my mom get through a hard semester of work while she's still not feeling great. Maybe I just take online classes and prep for the OAT. 

Maybe I go on a mission, like so many people have been suggesting. 

Are there any returned missionaries out there? What made you decide to go on a mission? How did you know it was the right door to go through? 
I'd love to hear your story. 

Not that I have decided to go on a mission at this point. I don't trust myself nor my decision-making abilities right now, so it's hard for me to turn any direction. I will say, however, that I've been looking into it. Nothing more than curiosity at this point. 
Just wondering. 
Happy Labor Day! Miss the sisters. 


Saturday, September 5, 2009

I should start betting on this stuff.

I knew it. I just knew it! I went to bed really nervous last night, but I woke up this morning and said to myself... "Holy cow, we are going to win. BYU is going to freaking win." I just had a feeling. I knew it. I didn't want to jinx it or anything so I tried not to get too confident, but I just knew that we were going to pull it off. 


Love those boys. 

This one especially. 

*Stole this picture from Ben Truman's FB.  
Gosh I miss him. Bleh.

Boo. :( No more sad thoughts tonight. I'm done.

Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra, Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cougars! Wooo!!! 


P.S. I downloaded a template since I don't know how to do blog design stuff, but now I don't know how to make my header centered or get it to say "Posted By" up at the top by the post title. Changing it on the blogger settings doesn't work. Help? 

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I started out just playing with the fonts, because the orange was kind of hard to read. And I might have gotten a little carried away. 

... Sorry, Calee. 
Should I change it back? 

My worst blogging feature is title-creation. For reals.

I feel a little better than yesterday, thanks for asking. I'm kind of a negative nancy lately, but I'm trying hard to snap out of it. This font is better than the other one. Is the pink still too hard to read? Why is this hard? Maybe I should just kick Calee off the blog and make it easier. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. 
I am really considering going to Rexburg. I didn't get into any of the classes I needed down here and I really need to be in school if I'm going to start my doctorate program next fall. (Woops. Apparently the planning-monster will never rest.)
For some reason I am really petrified though.
Maybe it will make me feel better to do my usual pros/cons list:
Pros for going to BYU-I
1. I'll be in school taking some key classes I really really need before I can take a bunch of others
2. I'll be able to study for the OAT in my free time (the MCAT of optometry)
3. I won't be at home with nothing to do
4. Hopefully some kind of a new start will help me move on with my life
5. Student ward vs. Singles ward. You know what I'm talking about.
6. I'll be doing something. Moving forward. Starting again.
7. My beloved friends will only be 4 hours away instead of 10.
8. I could possibly have a job in a few months.
9. Maybe one day I could have a social life again.
Cons for going to BYU-I
1. Brooke isn't going with me, so I will have absolutely nobody
2. I don't want to live with random 18 year olds, but I don't have the money for a single apartment
3. The job that I could possibly have is still very shaky and unsure.
4. I won't be in school all day everyday since I'll be a non-traditional student. Only 6 credits during the day and then all night classes, which they don't offer very many of and I won't get nearly as many credits done as I was hoping to get at Palomar.
5. I will feel very isolated, as now my family will be 15 hours away and my friends 4 hours away. You can compare it to me moving to Provo by myself all you want, but the truth of the matter is I was 18, starting in a new place where EVERYONE was starting new. This is 100% completely different. I'm now the weird, freakish older girl with no friends and no husband.
6. I'm really scared.
7. I'll miss my mom. 
.... nope. Don't feel any closer to a decision. Does it matter that if I'm going, I have to move this weekend?

P.P.S. What is your vote on the pink/orange, arial/courier font?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Mad.

"Me, too."
"They've got to be stopped!"
- Frankenthumb
Seriously, though? I hate feeling angry. Sometimes you just hear things that make you feel so sad and hurt inside and then it bubbles into something much more hot and intense and you are just plain MAD.
I don't understand my situation and I don't understand what the heck I'm supposed to be doing about it. I don't understand what direction my life is going or what I'm supposed to choose or how I'm supposed to choose it. What I don't understand the most, though? How other people handle it. I mean, really? Really? Really?
I just feel frustrated. I could write the word "frustrated" here a million times and then maybe that would help me start to feel better. Maybe.
The worse part is, I am completely unsurprised.
I just wrote a really good post here but it was a little too personal and a little too obvious who I was being a little too personal about. So I am editing it because I felt bad. But I am still angry and I am still hurt and I still want to write "Frustrated" a million times.
P.S. Boys lie. A lot. And will then tell you it's not lying and come up with some random way to explain how not telling the truth is somehow not a lie in this situation because of a lot of other circumstances. It makes absolutely no sense. What makes less sense is that girls believe them. Haha. So who is really the worst in this situation? I have no idea.

P.P.S. The previous hypothetical situation has not happened to me recently and is not (really) the cause of said post. But feeling so angry and frustrated brings up other past feelings of anger and frustration, which then causes me to do something just as typical to girls as lying is to boys: Holding grudges and bringing up past things and freaking out over nothing. But alas, even recognizing that fact does not change that I am feeling these feelings and feeling a little frustrated. I did my good deed by editing my post. Now I am complaining and feeling somewhat justified.
Oh the joy that is male vs. female.


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