Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Kristina Schroeder goes to work

Haha! Okay so right now maybe it's more like "Assistant to the doctor" like Dwight. Either way - I got a job!! I'm so thrilled and excited! 

When I found out I couldn't take classes at Palomar this term I was really bummed and unsure where to go next. So I decided to look around for front desk jobs at Optometrist's offices - I figured that I'm not qualified for anything else, but that would still give me a good look into the profession and some experience with it. 

And randomly out of the sky, this Doctor's Assistant job fell onto my lap! It's at an optometry office and is seriously EXACTLY what I was hoping for but didn't think I would find. I have had too many 'bad luck' situations to think that random blessings like this are anything but divinely sent. I'm so excited about it. I only worked two days this week, but they were two long, full, tiring, busy, AWESOME days. I can't wait for next week! (The only bad thing? It's in Poway. Which means a really stinky/yucky commute on the 15 with all of its awful traffic. Boo.)

This week I'll work Monday-Thursday, leave that night to go to Utah, play in Utah on Friday-Sunday, and take off Monday. So fun. My schedule isn't quite filled up yet - so let's make plans to play while I'm up there! I miss all of you guys, especially the boogster. (What is your work schedule that weekend?)

Poor little Tuck is in mourning over losing his friend. We've been quite the BFFs since I got here - we hang out all day long. Even when I go run errands or do something, he comes with. On Thursday when I left to go to my first day at work, he completely freaked out. Sad puppy. :( He's now been trying to sleep on my bed, which would be fine if a) he didn't stretch out and take up like 3 feet of space, b) I had a bigger bed, or c) it didn't make my dad cry himself to sleep in the other room because he misses the dog. Haha.

He has a new friend though. His name is cowpig. 
It's a pig on one side, a cow on the other. It has crinkly paper inside so it makes a delightful sound when he chews it, and the head is a squeaker toy. He walks around with it in his mouth wherever he goes. haha :)

Okay, story before I go. I interviewed on Wednesday and things went well, and she asked if I would be able to start the next day. Since I have the emptiest schedule of anyone on the planet right now, I just said yes immediately without even looking. When I got home I told my mom how excited I was and she said - don't you have something tomorrow afternoon? 

That's when I had to not only look like a fool by calling my soon-to-be-boss and telling her I was dumb enough to not look at my schedule and was wrong, and that my mom reminded me I had a conflict - I also had to look like a total moron when she asked me what it was and I had to say, "Um, I have an eye appointment with my optometrist." 

So retarded. 

Have a good weekend! Cougs and the RS Broadcast today. Sweet. 



Stephanie said...

YAY! Congrats on the new job! That sounds so awesome! K I definitely want to see you next weekend. I'll call you later this week and maybe we can do lunch or something :) Love you!

Scott Schroeder said...

I wasn't crying. I had something in my eye.

Francesca said...

Haha, that's funny! Congratulations on getting the perfect job!

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