Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. Laura is legit!

If I had known she was going to stop by our blog and leave a comment, I would've asked loads of questions! And then she would've yelled and me and told me what I already know, and sent me on my merry way.
Haha. Isn't that what most people are looking for on her show? I think we usually already know the answer to our problems. It's just a hard answer and we don't like accepting what's hard. So we call, thinking that maybe by some miracle what we have convinced ourselves to be true (the easy answer) really is true. 

But our subconscious really just wants to be yelled at. And isn't that Dr. Laura's slogan? "Giving you what you want?" 

... No? 

Haha. Either way - I am so happy she stopped by! I would love her advice but I am too scared of it. Perhaps one day I will get the courage to call! (crossing my fingers behind my back. we all know i'm way too wussy to actually do it.)


P.s. This clip is absolutely adorable, really. I tried to figure out how to embed it and I couldn't. But click the link - it's worth it.


Melody said...

That is SO funny that she commented on your blog! lol:) You know what means, right? Now you gotta talk crap on other famous people and see who leaves a comment.

Rachel said...

Wow Kristina. I didn't know you were so popular Dr. Laura found you. Haha, or maybe she was looking for a new example of heartache. Hang in there girl. You working on just being you is important. Once you know you can live without a man in your life one will come strolling in.

Francesca said...

That is so awesome! haha. I agree with your conclusion. We usually do know the answer already--we're just too wimpy to accept it and carry through with it.

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