Friday, September 11, 2009

Last night

was the first night I didn't dream about him in five weeks.

Today marks the beginning of my new life. I'm officially closing the door. I already have gone through this, twice, now - I don't think I need more of it. I don't think I need more time to get over it. I think I can just make the decision and be finished.

I'm done with that chapter. I'm ready for what's next. Even if today isn't any different from yesterday in what I do or who I talk to - it's different because of how I feel. I've made that mental/emotional decision, and it feels good.

My life isn't ruined, or over. It's starting! And that is exciting. I don't even care what I do next. What matters is that it's not "then" anymore.

The church is true and the atonement is real.What a wonderful thing to know and feel!

Have a good day! I'm sure planning on it. 



Suz said...

Yay, Kristina! There is something waiting for you, and I think with your mind cleared for a minute, you will feel some relief and that sense of freedom will take you amazing places!! While it may seem lonely, freedom to choose whatever path you want because you can is empowering.

Good luck, girl!!

Arica said...

atta girl. (:

Sarah said...

:) :) :) I love that paradigm shift. Happy living! :)

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