Monday, December 14, 2009

Copywritten, so... don't copy me.

Song trivia. Actually it's a super inappropriate song. Let's forget I said anything. ((How did we listen to that stuff in high school and not get how bad the lyrics were? Or was that just me? Oblivious, much?))

Last week I got home and there was a fat letter for me from the church sitting on the counter. I was feeling a little confused/scared/excited/idon'tevenknowwhatemotionitwas. My mom pointed it out and asked me if I had been working on mission stuff without telling her. Of course not! Actually for all of you waiting on a mission update, I really don't think it is going to happen. A lot a lot went into that... but the bottomline is that I just feel really hesitant to make that decision. So. That's that. Maybe it will change in the future. I'm definitely going with the hubby one day, but possibly the single-sister mission isn't out of reach just yet. 

Anyway, the answer was no. Which brought me no closer to understanding the contents of this letter. Are you dying of suspense right now? This is what it said:

"Dear Kristina:

We have an Instant Message on file from you entitled "Standing up in History." We would like to print your article in the March 2010 issue of the New Era. A check for $25.00 will be mailed to you upon return of the attached agreement. If this is acceptable, please return the agreement within 30 days."

And then it continues on to explain copyright laws and publication regulations. 


This instant message they are talking about? A two-paragraph story I wrote for a mutual activity - TEN YEARS AGO. I still have it actually, because it was all scrap-booked and cute. I remember having my feelings pretty hurt that they didn't publish it! But I figured our leaders never actually sent them in, they just told us that. The date on it? Seriously - 1999. 

Way to be on top of that, guys. 

They sent me a copy of the story and it is maybe 8 sentences long. Not cool in any little tiny way. It is so lame and boring. They want me to send pictures for when they publish it. 

Ha ha. Oh man. I am still laughing about it. For some reason it just tickled my funny bone. I think it's hilarious. 

So make sure to look for a picture of my 12-year-old self next year in the magazine. I'm definitely not sending a current photo, you can bet your bum. Walking out of class when the teacher turned on an R rated movie probably won't go over so well when they realize I'm a BYU student. Oh my BYU-grad. I am old. And $25 richer. And published. 


P.s. I'll sign your New Era next March, if you're lucky.


Collin and Traci said...

HAHA! :) I love this!! congrats on your old new published work! you crack me up! thanks for bringing smiles to my otherwise mundane work day!

Francesca said...

Haha, funny! Not surprised, though. Most stories published in Church magazines you can tell happened years and years ago!

p.s. I have the same experience with movies as you do with music lyrics! Sometimes shocking.

Stephanie said...

hahahaha! that is fantastic. and yes, i totally want my magazine signed, and i'll come all the way to san diego if necessary. love you :)

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