Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out

Dating is so ridiculous. Remember that phase a while ago where I was wanting a knight in shining armor really badly? The lonely part of me still wants a husband. But I would honestly rather hurl my body off a cliff than start looking for one right now.

I think it's kind of funny that mr. football is a dating machine up in Provo and I am avoiding it like the plague. That probably sums up our two varying experiences with our relationship.

Anyway. I have a story about how annoying dating is. I hope this poor kid doesn't read my blog: 

I was set up by a friend. Actually a friend of my sister's. And she didn't even really know this boy very well, or me very well - but she thought it would be a good match. It was right during all of the Jan-drama, so it took a while for us to actually start talking. But start talking we did - mainly via facebook.  

After quite a bit of planning, we finally figured out a time to go out. He knew I was pretty fragile from the whole situation, and was pretty open about being okay with that. We went out. It was fine. A little forced and uncomfortable sometimes, but welcome to first dates, right? Right. I patted myself on the back for actually going out.

Texting ensued, which was nice. Sometimes you just need somebody to say nice things to you every once in a while! I appreciated it. Then he wanted to hang out again but things just kept not working out. We finally made tentative plans... but my sister came into town unexpectedly. I canceled. He FREAKED out. Like, called me on the phone to "talk about things." It was a smidge confrontational. I was more than a smidge confused of why on earth we were having this conversation when we had only gone on one date, and my sister was here. Is there really a question there of who I'm going to hang out with? 

... A few weeks pass. We text here and there, but I am busy with the stresses of things here and I'm already forcing myself to try and be social as it is, so not a lot of other plans are made. 

Then last night he tells me on facebook that I didn't answer his text he sent me this weekend. I apologized, and figured it was probably during one of the many hours that my mother was feverishly playing bejeweled on my phone. Did I tell him that? No. Why do I have to explain things like that to somebody I barely know? 

Then instead of asking how my day was, or whats new, he asks if I am "ready to date". Um whooa. Really? I say "No." Ha ha. This is my 'cool-dating' filter I was telling you guys about earlier. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask the question. 

He kind of laughs it off, tells me he appreciates my honesty, and then asks "Do you like talking to me?" Um. How do I answer that? I told him he was a little too intense for me sometimes and our conversations tend to stress me out. Haha seriously I did. 

He proceeds to freak out at me some more. Uh, bro, didn't you just tell me you appreciate honesty? No...? Oh okay.

He even at one point went on a tirade and then said "BYE" right in the middle of it. I said, I'm so sorry if I hurt your feelings. I'll talk to you later. ..hoping that was the end.

But no.

He comes back and wants to have a normal conversation after that, now that I am still talking to him after the fit he threw. What in the world? I told him that having conversations like this was weird to me when we've only been on one date. And that he stresses me out. And I'm sorry if that bothers him. 

So then he asks about work, and chats like things are normal. Tells me he has to go and says "sorry for the creeper status earlier. i'll work on it. night night!"

...uh. Night?

........................................................... I am going to stay single forever. It's decided.



Nikki (Have Joy) said...

hahahahahaha. Seriously. Is your blog listed on fb? if it is, he reads it. Just a thought... :)

Melissa said...

Oh boy! I do NOT miss the dating years . . . so awkward! . . .good luck with all that :O)

Erin and Aaron said...
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Erin and Aaron said...

OH MAN. hi kristina, do you remember me? I used to do children chorus with you a LONNNGGG time ago. (my maiden name is haynie--if that helps.) anyway, found your blog through arica monore--now young.

and i just have to say that in moments when i 'miss' single life, i'm going to come back and read this.

there are some real weirdo's out there. i'm sorry, i know it's hard to weed through the wackos.

Sarah said...

Yeah. Creeeeeepy! And he's looking for a wife right away. Like, RIGHTNOW!

Rachel said...

What a weirdy! That deleted comment was his right? I just caught up with all your entries and I am sad for your being jobless, happy that Calee is engaged, and laughing about mr creepy dude. Thanks for making me smile girls and Calee: I will start blogging again.

Lissy said...

Hilarious! Definitely a guy that needs to date more if he took that one so seriously... Love your level headed answers to his ridiculous questions. Nikki is right by the way :)

Lyrax said...

I'm sure you'll find a wonderful young man who's just perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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