Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm just about finished with my Christmas shopping - although Calee's present still requires some work/thought. It started as a good idea but I'm concerned it won't end that way. 

Today I went to Fry's and stared at the fish. Then to Nordstrom Rack where I waited 30 minutes to buy one little thing. Which I just typed but then deleted because the recipient reads this, and it is not Christmas yet. The lady kept apologizing and apologizing for making me wait so long but I wasn't angry at all. Why do we get angry at waiting in line, or sitting in traffic? I don't really know. I've been that person before, though, and my non-angry waiting was a much more pleasant experience today. 

Target was nice, too. Although I bought something I was really happy about only to find that it was the wrong size for what it's for. Yet another return before present-opening even begins! Disappointing.

Did you know that 7 sweet potatoes cooked and mashed will only yield about 5 cups? I learned that today. For some reason it was surprising to me. Nobody at the ward party noticed - they gobbled up my sweet potatoes so fast that I didn't even get any. We sang, too. And Calee hit the high note that she was scared of and I was happy for her, and again, not surprised.

I want to sleep but my insides hurt. Literally and figuratively. I am jealous of Ashley's happy pregnant state because she doesn't have to deal with this for another 9 months. 

and I haven't heard from you. And I haven't reached out, either. Because I'm really tired of you. I bet you didn't think that could happen, huh? Me neither. Falling out of love sucks.

Our blog is in desperate need of a make over. It is too too busy. It makes my head hurt. I don't know how to fix it though.

I'm not going to sleep but the laptop sitting on my body is not pleasant right now. At least Mom will have something to read at 3 in the morning when she can't sleep. Hi Mom. See you bright and early for choir practice. I hope I don't mess up on the piano. 

7 more sleeps till Christmas.



Lyrax said...

You must be reaching a level of maturity that many people never can. Congratulations.

Rachel said...

Thanks for spewing your brain... yours sounds like mine. I can't seem to shut down. I'm sure you did amazing on the piano:)

Maddie said...

haha you're adorable. love the blog!

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