Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Freaky Weird

Before you read this, be aware that this post is about my trip to the gynecologist today. If you dare, please continue. If not, please wait for Kristina's next installment of non-gyno blogginess. Thank you.

If you're still with me, I appreciate your support and/or curiosity.

Sooo I've never been to the gyno before. What?! You say. Almost 26 and never been!? Yep. I've somehow managed to escape it aaalllll these years. I finally decided to just MAN UP (or woman up, whatever) and just do it.

I realized while talking to a couple friends today before going in that there are LOTS of things I was worried about that other girls were/are worried about, too!! So I thought I'd use this blog as a platform for putting some of those fears to rest:

1. Is it awkward? Yes. Horribly. I think the awkwardness of it is the worst part. BUT your doctor probably won't mind if you keep repeating how awkward you feel, or if you can't stop laughing during your upper half exam. I swear I'm an adult. Sometimes.
2. Does it hurt? A little, but it doesn't last very long.
3. Do they dress you in a napkin? Haha ok, so maybe no one is concerned about this BUT they should be! SO AWKWARD to be sitting on a doctor's table in a person-sized NAPKIN with an opening down the front!!!
4. Should you be worried if during your exam, your doctor says, "Um..woah...hang on. I need to go get another doctor in here."? If you're me, then YES. Hello?! What kind of doctor says that?! Terrifying!!

Soo now I have an appointment next week to get an ultrasound. Apparently I'm freaky weird. Want the details? Call me.


Sarah said...

Oh yeah, I was able to avoid that until I got married. Then once I started birth control, it was a mandatory visit. I feel your pain! But now I'm pregnant all the time it seems, and that's a good way to avoid unnecessary violations. At least with my OB, he's seriously the BEST. Ever.

Sarah said...

PS the ultrasound is a much better way to go. So much less invasive. Hopefully the results will work out.

Melody said...

Yeah, those visits are just dandy. I think the worst thing is how vulnerable you feel during the whole thing. You get used to it, though. Especially after all the *fun* invasive things you go through during pregnancy and labor. I swear, there is a special place in heaven for women.

Kristina said...

Hahaha. Oh Calee, welcome back to the blog. It was worth the wait.

Nikki Nielsen said...

you better hope it's the kind of ultrasound they do on your stomach and not....well...inserted. haha was your doctor specific about that? just a heads up.

Calee said...

AHH WHAT NIKKI?!?! Ummm no, she was not specific. Aaaand I'm suddenly feeling so much LESS warm and fuzzy...

Rachel said...

Yea, look out for the "indoor" ultrasound. All I can say about that one is breath, don't squeeze your butt cheeks, and hum. I know you are good at the last part:)

Amber Irene said...

oh i got them. and yes. a little weird. i'm sorry love

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