Monday, August 31, 2009

Unconventional Airconditioning

I sing.

Sometimes I sing for church events - like stake conference.

Sometimes before I sing for stake conference, I have to go to the bathroom and (on occasion) I get my underpants stuck in the zipper of my skirt.

In the rare event that this is the case, I may or may not tug vigorously at said zipper until it makes a weird metallic grinding sound and I simply decide to pull the skirt UP instead of down (sorry for how graphic this is - these details are, unfortunately, necessary).

When this happens, I am probably already late (how do I know? well, mostly because I'm late to most things in my life).


Sometimes when I'm late, I rush into meetings without properly addressing whatever weird metallic sounds were coming from my skirt zipper.

And sometimes, when I get home after standing up and singing for a full stake conference congregation in front of me, and high counsellors/stake presidents/area authorities sitting directly behind me, I realize that things are a bit drafty in my booty-area...

And sometimes I make Kristina cry with laughter as I ask her (in horror) to check the back of my skirt...and realize that I broke the zipper on my skirt before the meeting....and a good 3.5 inches of my sweet, white bum was flashing the whole time...

The whole time...?? The WHOLE time?! THE.WHOLE.TIME.



Grandma S. said...

Hi dear Calee. I'd like to see your "sweet, white bum". It's been too long since we saw you. Love ya bunches.

Katie said...

Oh Calee you have the greatest stories. This could only happen to you. Only you. Only. you.
I'm sure you sounded just beautiful anyhow( ;
I miss hearing you sing

Rachel said...

Only you Calee. Oh that is so classic. I don't think anything could have made that story better... I mean worse:)

Nikki (Have Joy) said...

hahahahahahaha. This post just made me SO HAPPY.

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