Friday, August 7, 2009

I woke up singing...

I've had a breakthrough, ladies and gentlemen.

My last post was about the fairly depressing soundtrack that has been on repeat in my brain for a while now, right? WELL, I had to blog about what happened this morning because I've been smiling all day because of it.

I usually wake up with one specific song on my mind. (SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else have that happen?? I swear I have nothing to do with it - it's not like I wake up thinking of something that makes me think of a song, it really is like there's a radio playing in my brain and I can't shut the freakin thing off!) Anyways - the song in question isn't even a sad song! It's such a beautiful love song and it makes me happy for like ten seconds until little memories start clouding the beauty of it and everything goes to crap.

Fast forward to this morning: I woke up (with a slight cringe) dreading - as usual - my brain's inner radio and THE song. As I opened my eyes, however, something was different. Something magical. THE song wasn't playing! As it turns out, South Pacific was on my brain...'Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair' specifically. Haha! I was so excited! I let myself sing it for a while as I got ready.

Then, on my way to work (where usually another sad/sappy song starts blaring away in my head) I found myself humming 'Many a New Day' from Oklahoma (you know the one...'Many a new love will please my eye, many a new love will find me, never have I once looked back to siiiiigh over a romance behiiiiind me...many a new day will dawn before I dooooo')! Haha.

"What has happened?!" I found myself wondering. The answer? Who cares. What matters is that I haven't sung a sad song all day now. In fact, a song from Brigadoon has been cheering me up all day ("Waitin' for My Dearie").

I got a text today, too, that made me feel REALLY good. I'll post a piece of it here for your enjoyment: 'Let's face it, you have everything going for's just a matter of you finding someone you love back and it's a done deal. Whoever he is, he's a lucky man. I give it one year.'I may or may not have made a deal with him that if we're not married by the time I'm 30, we'll get married (which aces out the deal I have with Kyle about 'if we're not married by the time we're 35...' my bad.)

Anyways - if you're in the same boat as me, re-read that text I posted. Find someone you want to fall in love with. Make sure he treats you the way you should be treated (scratch that - BETTER than you 'should' be treated). Then get married and be happy.

...that, or else make a deal with a guy younger than you that binds him to marrying when you're 30. Haha.

Either way you'll feel good about your day. I know I do.


Rachel said...

I love that South Pacific song. What a great life sound track for you. I have the same thing happen to me too. Right now I have been waking up with Little Enstiens in my brain. I don't know how to thrust out those demons.

Sarah said...

YES!!! I love these breakthrough days! I remember being super mopey about some guy I was dating back in the day, and my wise older brother said "Sarah, he's just not good enough for you. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing you think you want him back. You'll find much better. Mourn for a week and get over it."
I was SOO mad at the time that he made it sound so crazily, stupidly, ANNOYINGLY simple! But now I know that if we follow that formula, nothing stands in our way, and we are so much happier! :) Yay yay yay! :)

Calee said...

Rachel - I love you. Lunch? I vote yes.

Sara - thank you for all your support :) You leave the sweetest comments here for me and I really appreciate it!! Love love love.

Anonymous said...

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