Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hearing Things...

I'm hearing things.

Songs, specifically. And I don't want to hear them ANYM-O-R-E.

I'm a singer, right? So I'm usually humming or singing whatever happy song is on my mind...BUT, despite my collection of happy-pop music I play on CD all day in the office, the songs on my brain are invariably sad lately -or- connected to things I have no desire to dwell on. I've purposely banned radio from my life (except for talk radio, or AJ's Playhouse in the morning on my way to work), to keep from being exposed to music which is sad, or heaven forbid, connected to those things I mentioned in that last sentence - but to no avail.

Here are some of the songs that have been sneaking into my brain (and out of my voice box) when I've not been paying attention lately:

-Have and Always Will
-Dreaming with a Broken Heart
-Love in the Remains
*SIDE NOTE: When dating someone, DO NOT LISTEN TO SAD BREAK UP MUSIC. Even if he loves it. Because guess what?! If/when you break up with that person, THOSE SONGS WILL SUCK WAY WORSE TO HEAR - like, heartache reaches a whoooooole new level people. I'm just sayin'. Sad breakup music should only be allowed in relationships where temple marriage is involved. And even then...beware. Continuing.
-I Can't Make You Love Me
-I'm Yours
-Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
-Here Comes Goodbye
-Always Be My Baby

Honestly?! It's like 99% of me is happy and good, productive, successful, motivated, etc...but that 1% of me, which resides in a very subconscious and slow-healing place, keeps creeping out in the form of those songs (+more I didn't list) !!!

-sigh- At least I haven't started screaming out Dashboard or smearing black hair dye all over my body (haha soooooooooo silllllllyyyy...).

That's about it.

I am now going to go force myself to sing something other than 'I Told You So', which just found it's way out of my little unsuspecting mouth...freakin' Carrie Underwood....

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Tisha said...

I definitely agree with ya calee. With my ex boyfriend one of the worse songs was a couple rascal flats songs. I had to stop listening to music for awhile, too, because even the go happy love songs bugged me. haha.
It took me awhile, but time does heal the heart. :)

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