Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am really, really tired. But it's a good, wow-I-like-this-I-think kind of tired.

I have all kinds of silly memories in my head right now, so I thought I'd share. Hopefully you'll recognize the memories that happened with you and smile :)

-That night at OEFY when we had to move off the mountain because the lightning storm was going to come kill everyone. We slept in the bark by the picnic tables :)
-Frolicking through the rapeseed and orange cows
-Chance the blue-eyed kitten
-Mooning Grandma on the 4th of July (haha may your children have your sense of humor. mom would undoubtedly appreciate something like that WAY more than G. Schroeder did... - love to my Grandmas and Grandpas, by the way :)!! <3)
-Chocolate pudding and gorillas
-The one time I choked on a pen cap in World History
-That's ignorant...
-Dad getting sooo mad when we'd talk and then pretend to be asleep. Haha hanging off the side of the ladder!
-the night of the notorious boat dance...
-"Oo, just wish wish"
-covered in deoderant (we were so mean!! poor little lover.)

That's about all. p.s. I love Costco hot dogs and taking naps. the end.

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