Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life continues

The front view from our house looks like this:

I love it. It has been perfect, beautiful weather since I got here. I'm pretending that it's not always this way in San Diego but Gods way of telling me He remembers me and it's okay. Maybe it's both.

Tomorrow I have a shadowing appointment at an optometrists office, and then a meeting with the director of admissions at the school I want to go to. Palomar starts Monday where I'm attempting to take 21 units. It's either crazy or just distracting enough to keep me sane. Or yet again, maybe it's both.

I'm in the post break up stage where everyone wants to set you up with someone. Sometimes I'm really up for it and sometimes it makes me want to just crawl in a hole. Sunday was a really good day; yesterday was not. Today was both.

I'm a little roller coaster ish lately.

Where is my knight in shining armor? I could use one of those right now. Talk about damsel in distress. Probably more like damsel having a pity party. Haha. :) I'm done! Hells kitchen and more to love, here I come.

- Kristina

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