Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Having a Baby. Help Me.

Hey dudes. 
Happy Monday.

Last night I had a semi-hysterical meltdown as I realized I only have 7 weeks left before I bring a child into this world. Hoooooly moly. Things just got REAL.

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So! I started compiling my "Thing I Need to Pack for the Hospital" list and I realized I really have no idea what I ACTUALLY need versus what I think I need because I don't know any better. This is where you come in! Help me!

KEEP IN MIND: I'm having a scheduled c-section and will be in the hospital for approximately three days after she's born.

Here's my initial list:

Hair ties/pins
Face cleansing wipes & lotion
Wisp toothbrushes (for when I can't/am in too much pain/too tired to get out of bed haha)
Travel shampoo/condit/razor/etc
Maternity robe (being forced to walk around with my guts recently sewn together AND my bum hanging out the back of a hospital gown? No thanks, friend.)
 SIDE NOTE: I ordered my beautiful maternity robe last night! I haven't spoiled myself a lot this    pregnancy...and after the semi-hysterical meltdown I mentioned earlier? Let's just say I needed it.
Men's sweatpants (baggy w drawstring that come waaaay higher than my incision)
Maternity tank(s)
Fuzzy socks with grip on the bottom

Slippers (necessary? unnecessary?)
Nursing undergarments (how big should I really order these things?! sooo lost)
Belly binder (I've read these are life savers for women who have had c-sections. thoughts??)
 *also - do I wear the belly binder IN the hospital? I've read conflicting reports: they help your incision feel better vs they're horrible devices of torture. so...not feeling too sure...
Laptop/iPad with movies/reading material so I don't go crazy

Have I missed anything? Was there anything you had that you didn't need? Or WISHED you'd thought to bring with you? 

Any thoughts/advice will be appreciated - but I'd especially love to hear from my fellow c-section ladies who had to chill in the hospital for a few days before taking their little miracle home.

One last thing...

Can we talk about pain for a minute? I want the low down on c-section incision pain. What kind of pain are we REALLY talking about here..? Like...will I be able to roll myself out of our super tall bed when I get home from the hospital? Or will that feel like I'm being torn in half? Should I plan on lowering it a little for myself? Should I plan on just sleeping on an air mattress in the living room for a couple weeks? Should I just plan on asking them to keep the catheter in me indefinitely and live in the hospital for the rest of my life?

To help you in your responses, the following information should be taken into consideration: I'm a decently huge, whiny baby when it comes to pain.

Alright! I'm ready to absorb all of your maternal wisdom and experience! GOOOOO!


Nicole said...

Pack yummy snacks for you and your hubby!

Heather Costa said...

I would bring a Boppy pillow to if you have one to help with breast feeding. Good luck and you will do great! On e that little girl is in your arms nothing else will matter! :-)

Christine said...

What are you going to do with your hair? Sounds weird but seriously, the next baby I am slippin' my nurse some cash and ask her french braid it for me if no sisters/mothers are there yet. With a braid tight enough I don't have to wash my hair as often, or if I get it braided right after the shower. Maybe you'll want to do your hair after surgery but my arms get tired doing two french braids myself-that's without having surgery.

Lisa said...

Since I just did this less than six months ago. It is fresh in the memory. Slippers: yes. Belly binder: whatever that is I don't know. You want your incision to breathe. Dr's and hospitals are different. Ask your doc. As far as garments, I don't really wear them in the hospital, because you are all hooked up to stuff. I just wear the hospital gown and don't worry about all that other stuff till leaving the hospital. If you are getting nursing garments your regular size should be fine or some girls get the round neck kind that are stretchy and you just pull it down to nurse. Bring one pair for the ride home. Robes are great. Entertainment is a must. Your hubby is going to want to get away or do something so he isn't bored out of his mind. You too. You will be sleeping alot and on drugs alot and nursing alot, but there is down time, so you'll want something.

Dyanna Moore said...

Why are you having a C-section?

Lisa said...

Had to look again what your questions were: Pain: yes, don't sleep on the floor. lower your bed a bit. i would be more concerned about getting back in it than getting out.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Belly Binder - YES YES YES. I haven't had a csection so I am not sure about the incision breathing, but even with a reg birth, the binder takes care of that my-guts-are-falling-out feeling. Essential.
Pain - I heard that sitting up in bed is very painful after a csection, but it depends on the way the doc sews you up.
Nursing garments - SUCK! I never liked them. Instead, I get the carinessa tops in a size larger and yank them down to nurse. Maybe even one in two sizes bigger in case nursing really endows you with extra up top. I used sized-larger carinessa bottoms with the larger waist (B, I think). PS I also forgo garments until after the hospital.
Bring your makeup. Even though you are gorgeous without, I'm sure, you'll want to feel pretty.
The end of my weird old tips for the little one's birthday after party.

Anonymous said...

I skip the garments in the hospital too. too many people things peeking at you or poking you... also I always just wore my regular garment tops and put the bra underneath on my skin.

Ashley said...

I agree with no garments except for when you head home, especially after a csection. With my first csection I was in so much pain I couldn't even lay down I had to sleep in a recliner for the first week or so. I don't think that is typical though because everyone else who had a csection that I have talked to could lie down. Good news is that with my second I healed up much quicker...but that won't help right now will it! Anyway as far as tge incision, I don't know what that belly band thing is, but I didn't like anything touching my incision for awhile after, I even took some of the hospital gowns home to wear there. They will probably be checking your incision a lot too, so if it is hard to get off and on it might make that tricky. Some medicine they gave me with my first also made me SUPER itchy and all I wanted was a back scratcher and no one could find me one, anywhere. Maybe that was just my experience but maybe you wanna pack one just incase. Also you will want a nursing bra or tank I think you had that listed. Our hospital had these weird cloth wipes kinda like paper towels you had to get wet to use so with our second we brought our own wipes. If you know someone who delivered where you are going to they could probably give you the best info on that kind of stuff. Also I don't know which your Dr prefers to staple or stitch up the incision, but you will want to let them know ahead of time if you have a preference. I will stop with my advice now, but I've had 2 csections so if you have any more questions I would be happy to try to answer them for you. Good luck you will do great!

Lissy said...

So excited for you! Don't over think it - the hospital provides everything you really need (plan on taking home all the little baby care things they opened for your use) and a lot of the time you will be too excited to pay any attention to entertainment since this is your first. But bring some, and snacks. I'd bring slippers or flip flops just because I feel gross walking barefoot on hospital floors, clothes for when you go home for you and baby - think easy to put on for the baby - they are so hard to dress at first! Nursing tops are not so well designed - pulling down the seamless ones at the neck works best, and get some nursing pads to soak up milk and keep you dry - you should wear them all the time you nurse. If they have an adhesive strip they can stick right inside your garment or bra - wear loose fitting so you don't have too much pressure on your breasts. I haven't had a c-section so not sure what's most comfy for that, but I recommend laying side by side with baby to nurse while you are learning and recovering if possible. Camera, your favorite pillow with a colorful washable cover. Those would be my main things!

Francesca said...

I had a C-section and had to sleep upright for a week or so, needed help getting in and out of bed, and couldn't bend down. Nobody tells you, but going to the bathroom afterwards isn't easy or pleasant either. Although the pain will go away, sometimes you will feel discomfort or sensitivity around your scar in the future. I didn't use a Belly Binder so I can't say anything about that.

Definitely bring entertainment and anything that helps you feel more comfortable, physically and emotionally. I wore my garments, but I understand not wanting to either. Nursing garments are awful. I wear the round neck ones and just pulled them down.

Whatever you forget to bring, someone can always pick up for you at your house or the store, so don't worry too much. Good luck!

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